LeanGains appropriate gyms in London, DC & New York

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created May 03, 2011 at 7:16 AM

I'm going to be travelling to London, DC & New York in May (staying in Central-West London, Virginia & SoHo) and am following a LeanGains method of training. Basically it's heavy weight lifting (compound lifting) and normally takes me 30-45 mins. I need a cheap gym where I can do squats, deadlifts, weighted chins, bench press etc. Anyone got any suggestions?

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4 Answers



on May 03, 2011
at 02:32 PM

check crossfit affiliates in these cities -- some of them have open platform rentals and all the bars/plates/space you need. i know my affiliate (crossfit south brooklyn) offers that. a lot of the big chain gyms aren't well equipped (and don't have the space for) barbell lifting.


on May 03, 2011
at 10:20 AM

balance gym@thomas circle does me fine in downtown dc. very good for this.



on October 06, 2011
at 03:38 PM

Why do you need a special gym to do any of this? If your not already aware these are massive cities, it would depend on where exactly you are staying. It can take 30-45 to travel by taxi across the entire city.

You need to be more specific.


on October 06, 2011
at 03:31 PM

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