What would be the best elemental carbohydrate for my leaky gut case?

Asked on December 08, 2013
Created December 08, 2013 at 7:43 PM

Note: This is not the same as my last question. I have adrenal fatigue, advanced leaky gut and h pylori/gastritis. I cannot break down solid foods properly and I seem to be sensitive to everything. I cannot to betaine hcl due to h.pylori and digestive enzymes didn't work either. The best bet is an elemental diet however I am having problems deciding the carbohydrate component. The formula would be as follows:

Protein: Any pure hydrolysed protein

Fats: Olive oil, chicken broth with fat


Multivitamin and optional supplements e.g. glutamine.

The problems is that the available carbs seem to be thing that will harm a leaky gut. The options I seem to have for carbohydrate is:

Dextrose, Glucose flavoured liquid, Rice Syrup Solids,Maltodextrin, Dried Glucose syrup. I could also use Honey(fructose), Grape Syrup(fructose) or maybe even fruit juice(fructose)?

Correct me if I'm wrong but maltodextrin will not allow the leaky gut to heal so that is not worth trying? Also I heard a lot of bad things about large fructose consumption e.g. fermentation issues and too much fructose can overwhelm the liver, might feed my h pylori and other issues? The problem is fructose is a single sugar and will combine well with a leaky gut so I'm thinking honey is good, I can take maybe 12 tablespoons throughout the day. WHat do you think? Also what about fruit juice why can't I have that, that is also fructose.

Anyway, from all the above, why should\shouldn't I use honey or apple juice as the carb, is there a reason? Also from the other ingredients are there some that are bad for leaky gut or my condition e.g. h pylori and, in order, which would be the best carb to use for my situation. Would all of them irritate the gut or not? Please help, I have to choose something.

Desperately awaiting a reply.


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