Mysterious stomach problems & low-body temp

Answered on March 04, 2016
Created March 03, 2016 at 7:18 PM

I have been 80/20 paleo for the past year or so now, and have been dealing with (sometimes serious) gut issues. I'm pretty sure I have leaky gut and some sort of an overgrowth. (My stools are really weird and not healthy looking). Anyways I have been taking a gut-healing approach that is low-carb (>50g) and almost no sugars (>15g), so just a lot of vegetables, ferments, and some fat and meat (mainly avocados and eggs), along with supplements and herbs. But I feel like there's something that just is not working out because my gut issues are just lingering. I let loose on special occasions and will eat some grains and sugar, and I feel like my stomach gets regulated and is happier. This has happened more than once too. So I don't know if I am eating too many veggies (I eat them steamed and sauteed 90% of the time) or what? Also, when I am doing the 80% only-paleo, I am always cold and my body temp is soo low. I already have low-temp genetics but I'm sure it gets worse. Can anybody give me some insight here? Pretty confused. Should I stick it out? Should I add in some okay grains like oats, rice, quinoa, and pop corn? And eat more carbs like sweet potatoes?

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on March 04, 2016
at 12:10 PM

see: http://balancedbites.com/PDFs/BOOK_EXTRAS/PracticalPaleo_GuidetoYourPoop.pdf this will give you some insight as to waht's going on on the southern end of things.

You do need some carbs, mostly fiber to help your gut biome be healthy.  Without that, you'll kill off most of them, and likely leave a lot of the bad guys around.  You can feed them with Dr. Grace Liu's "Bionic Fiber" (1 tbls each green banana/plantain flour, acacia, inulin, super greens and possibly a teaspoon of psyllium husk), but you're better off getting some foods in that provide fibers that they can ferment.

There are safe tubers you can eat, without having to resort to grains.  Root veggies such as parsnips, carrots, yams, sweet potatoes, white potatoes, yucca, etc.  Just a little bit is enough, no need to eat tons of these.

It could be that your gut biome and the bugs you're introducing from the ferments are not getting along yet, and that could be an issue that takes time to resolved.

The feeling cold thing is a sure sign that your thyroid isn't too happy, most likely because you've got way too low carb.  But, if you've got reactions from the carbs you do eat, that's not a great place to be in, and you'll need to resolve that.

You might not really have leaky gut, but if you think you do, 5-10g (yes, grams) of L-Glutamine in powdered form in a glass of water each day maybe 2x a day will help.  As will bone broth.

You can also try MegaSpore to see if it helps.

Stay away from things like quinoa, oats, and other grains.  Quinoa is high in sapponins and will punch holes in your gut and actually cause leaky gut.  Oats are often contaminated with wheat and other gluten containing grains, and also even clean ones have been shown to cause reactions in celiacs.  They're not actually safe despite what some folks think or wish to believe.

If you think you have an overgrowth, you could always get a ubiome stool test and see what species are in there, figure out which you have that are beneficial vs malevolent and get rid of the bad guys.

If you by some chance have SIBO (you'll have constant burping, or reflux, and bloating) you can get it tested through a breath test and will need to kill it off with antibiotics before you feed your gut biome with prebiotics and new probiotics.

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