Does a keto diet feed H pylori and related questions.

Answered on May 11, 2014
Created November 10, 2013 at 12:30 AM

I have leaky gut and h pylori. As a first step I must remove the h pylori before healing the leaky gut. I am sensitive to all foods e.g. fruits, grains, vegetables, dairy and can barely eat anything and don't digest protein and fats properly.

1. Due to my sensitivities I thought a keto diet along with some antibacterials would be best until I remove the bacteria however I saw a reference where a certain Dr Amy Yasko says a ketogenic diet(ketones) will feed h pylori. Is this true? besides one online reference I cannot find information on this anywhere.

2. If I can't have a ketogenic diet then in order have enough energy I can't have vegetables because they make me more hungry or fruits because they don't digest properly. I could have grains however these won't always digest properly and wouldn't these feed the h.pylori aswell? As you can see if I can't have a ketogenic diet then what can I have bearing in my digestive problems?

3. I read that undigested fats feed the bacteria, is this true, if so how? Since I am not always digesting fat properly perhaps this would cause complications for my h pylori eradication aswell. If I am digesting fat properly, then is temporary high fat diet ok i.e. h pylori will not be fed?

4. Would the sugar in an elemental(liquid) diet feed h pylori?

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on May 11, 2014
at 09:14 PM

Which tests have you run to determine your infection with h. pylori? Typically, you want to treat a microbial infection with antimicrobials, rather than eating more or less carbohydrates. If you don't digest fat, fruit, vegetables, or gains well, I don't know what you plan on eating. Go see a doctor.



on May 11, 2014
at 08:50 PM

You may have heard about low starch London AS diet.,

It is a low starch diet that was invented by

Dr. Ebringer to cure ankylosing spondylitis. His theory is that

starch feeds "Klebsiella" bacteria which plays role i causing this

disease. He also wrote about gut bacteria's role

in Rheumatoid Arthritis. Here is the link to that website


Dr Ayer has written a lot about gut flora and

he has this post about H. Pylori's role in gastric ulcer.

He think starch feeds Klebsiella, which produces hydrogen

and H.Pylori uses that hydrogen as energy source.


I remember reading a population study that found fruit consumption lowering

Hp infection and tuber increasing that. This supports Dr Ayer's theory.

I know for sure that undigested gelatine feeds bacteria as it is used

for bacteria culture in lab. I think other undigested proteins also feed bacteria.

I have heard in Ray Peat's interview that saturated fat kills bad bacteria

and unsaturated fat increased bad bacteria. It is not clear to me if bacterias

feeds on unsaturated fat or there is other mechanism involved.

I think simple sugar in fruit juices and honey is easy to digest.

Bacteria usually lives in the lower part of small intestine and

sugars are usually absorbed at the upper part of intestine.

Have you tried "The specific carbohydrate diet"? They use

this idea of using simple sugar as carbohydrate.

I like their basic idea but they make it too restrictive.



on May 11, 2014
at 05:48 PM

Anyone got answers for this? really interesting!

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