Paleo for stomach pain

Answered on November 20, 2016
Created November 16, 2016 at 6:18 PM

I've been suffering from Leaky Gut and stomach pain since three years.

I heard a lot of success stories from people with the Paleo or AIP diet but everytime i begin my stomach drives crazy. It seems that i digest things like fries and burgers better than a squash soup i.e. Does my body have to adjust first? I'm kind of desperate.

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on November 20, 2016
at 05:03 PM

Thanks for your answer. I was diagnosed with Leaky Gut with a blood test. H.Pylori is negative. I just don't understand why i can tolerate a Pizza better than squash, carrots or bone brooth.



on November 20, 2016
at 02:34 PM

How do you know you have a leaky gut? One way to test is to take a plain GABA supplement on an empty stomach. If within 30m-60m you feel sleepy or very calm (in some people it has the opposite effect), then your Blood-Brain-Barrier is leaky. Our BBBs are made of the same type of cells as our gut lining, so if one is leaky, so is the other. How do you heal a leaky gut? Make and eat lots of bone broth, take 10-20g of L-Glutamine a day (unless you've been diagnosed with a cancer). You can also use DGL and slippery elm if you've got issues with GERD. If you have heartburn, you're likely to have low stomach acid, which allows (or is caused by) H. Pylori to infect you, and in turn allows other bugs to survive digestion and infect your gut. You'll get dysbiosis which will cause gas issues (at one or both ends) and pain, which then leads to leaky gut. Not being able to digest squash simply means that you have the wrong gut bacteria. It doesn't necessarily mean a leaky gut - a leaky gut refers to your small intestine, where as the bugs that digest fibers should live in your large intestine. Well, unless they invaded your small intestine, in which case you'd get SIBO (or SIFO if it's fungal.) So, unless you've got things like acid reflux or are burping immediately after meals, you should probably start with a good Bifido probiotic such as https://www.amazon.com/Renew-Life-Ultimate-Probiotic-formerly/dp/B003BVL05O/ If you do have reflux, look into digestive enzymes with Betaine HCL to help raise your stomach's acid before meals and to help you digest. If you've had your gall bladder out, you'll need to use ox bile supplements before any meal that contains a large amount of fat, or you won't be able to properly digest it.

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