Laxative abuse

Answered on December 18, 2017
Created July 10, 2017 at 10:23 AM

Hi everyone, 


this is is my fest question on here and I am desperate to for help. I started taking laxatives to feel 'flatter' since 2010 and have not stopped since. I take around 20 laxative tablets ever night and have reduced down from 40. I have tried going cold turkey a number of times but have never been able to have a normal bowel movement. Could anyone who has had a similar experience in the past and has recovered please advise? I am conscious I don't want to gain weight and do u have any tips on how to deal with the water retention. I would ideally like to gradually reduce the intake of tablets and eventually it at all but I am terrified I will never have a normal solid bowel movement as I don't think my body knows how to... I don't want to go and see the doctor as I feel like such a fool. Please help 

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on December 18, 2017
at 04:55 AM

 I have a similar issue. I recommend going to the doctor to see if you have any mechanical problems (outlet obstruction, etc.), but sometimes changing the diet may or not help. Some of my friends swear on large doses of triphala. Aloe and Rhubarb are supposed to be less harsh than Senna and Cascara.

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