OrthorexiaHacks? Perhaps you are driving a lot of your symptoms by worrying about them?

Asked on July 15, 2013
Created July 15, 2013 at 12:29 PM

So found a nice legacy podcast by Kresser and Harris:

Episode 6 ??? Kurt Harris on orthorexia, meditation, lipids & more.

The point of my question can be summed up in this:

You know, that???s a well-known phenomenon, and a lot of times it would be just overt, you know, pretest anxiety. In medical school, I had colleagues that would go barf before every exam. - Kurt Harris.

So now of course I do not deny the entire body of work around ancestral eating et al.

But stay around long enough and you end up reading a hang of a lot of posts from people not going to a friend's BBQ because they are not sure if the sausages will be gluten free and already have hives, that someone ate a scone on the weekend and now their joints feel a bit tingly, or someone got diarrhoea an hour after eating dinner next to a couple who had garlic bread (and it was sourdough).

I am just wondering whether a lot of the problems people experience around and after starting paleo are driven a great deal by worrying rather than the meal itself.

Some people were doing ok eating junk apart from the common un-useful problems, but once they joined the community and switched from not worrying about food to now constantly worrying about food, various symptoms have increased or got worse.

It's almost the same as googling a rash, reading the "other symptoms", worrying that you have leprosy, then thinking it's actually a thyroid issue, discovering you are always hot and cold, can't lose weight, then wondering it may be you are working out to much or fasting too much despite the fact you are only actually reducing your calories around 2000kcal a week and swinging a 12kg kettlebell three times a week with some burpees... and finally going out for a drink with the girls, being a bit naughty grabbing a burger on the way home, having a bit of a headache on Monday which results in you forgetting about the rash and voila the rash has gone!

And let me not say anything about guys who don't eat for a day due to a busy schedule then worry they have lost half their muscle mass.

Anyway enough of this now.

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