Paleo Diet made me catch aids

Answered on December 11, 2014
Created October 15, 2012 at 10:50 PM

Something in red meat messed me up big time. I never had the sex and now I am HIV + afer 6 mths. of Paleo. Fuck the paleo.


on October 16, 2012
at 12:08 AM

lol STFU, this is clearly the 30bananas a day mother F



on October 15, 2012
at 11:53 PM

This thread gave me AIDS.


on October 15, 2012
at 11:19 PM

Dang. This might spell the end of Paleo! :(

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3 Answers


on December 11, 2014
at 10:36 PM

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on October 15, 2012
at 11:24 PM

lets just humor you for a moment.... Say you did catch it from food. I think you may need to check the source where you get your food from. No reputable supplier would give you diseased meat. End of story...



on October 15, 2012
at 11:09 PM

Maybe you got it from a toilet seat?

Honestly, there is no way you could "catch" AIDs from red meat or anything else in the paleo diet.

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