Home-Made Kombucha Tastes Too Strong; Plus, Is My Scoby Dead?

Answered on July 16, 2011
Created July 16, 2011 at 9:52 PM

Just finished making my Kombucha and tasted some before bottling it and putting it in the fridge to add some fizz. It tastes very strong and I don't think I can drink something this strong. Should I:

  • Add some water before storing it in the fridge?

  • Store it the way it is but add water when you get the fizz and you're ready to drink?

  • Put the scobie back and store in room termperature by adding some more green tea (here I'm assuming that the strong taste might be coming from the sugar, not the green tea -- is it?)

Also, after drinking a cup of this strong brew, I had a stomach ache for good 4 hours. Does this mean that the good bacteria haven taken over, like when you first introduce a potent brand of probiotics? I drank some more today and no more stomach ache.

Also, I need to use the same scoby for the next round and I accidentally left it in my pickle jar with no liquid for about 5 hours. I poured cooled green tea and granulated sugar on it to make it come back to life but I'm wondering if it's dead (I poured a cup of sugar right on it). However, it sank near the bottom whereas it was floating before.

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on July 16, 2011
at 10:09 PM

scoby is fine. even if it's not (and i'm sure it is), you can just add a bit of that strong brew you've got and all will be well.

when you say it this batch tastes strong, do you mean it's very sour, like vinegar? that's what happens when it ferments for a long time or at a higher temp. if you mean it tastes bitter, then it's the tea tannins and you just left the bags in too long.

if it's vinegar-y, my first guess about the tummy-ache cause would be the acidity, but it's true there are all kinds of little buggers swimming in there who could be up to all sorts of unfathomable business.

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