Anyone else had results on Modified Paleo?

Asked on August 14, 2015
Created August 14, 2015 at 2:17 PM

I devised a Modified program through trial and error that has worked wonders over the past five months. I eat mostly fish/chicken/grass fed beef at dinner, fruit in the  morning, and salads with raw veggies for lunch. Snacks usually consist of a fermented veggie or two. I cut out Dairy, Gluten, and Nightshades. Yes, it sounds similar to Pagano with a few primary philosophical differences including: water fasting, kombucha, fermented veggies and probiotics, no grains, no legumes/nuts, ample sunlight and grass fed beef once a week or more. Basically Paleo- only slightly more restrictive. Oh yeah and no booze either :(


The most powerful tool of the previously mentioned techniques was water fasting. Although difficult, it proved to me that my body was indeed capable of healing itself if given a break. I strongly believe psoriasis must be healed from the inside out. Proof of this is evidenced by the menacing tingles and subsequent flares I incur shortly after cheating on my diet.


In the past five months, I've seen my red spots (I suffer predominantly from inverse psoriasis) fade to white from the inside and slowly disappear in the most irritated areas including pubic regions, groin and crack. Few patches remain and the itch has gone completely unless I eat something spicy or drink heavily. Yes, I am still young and social so I make concessions that leave me in misery. I promised myself if I ever found something that worked I'd share so here it is.. Please ask away if you are curious on specifics.

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