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A couple years ago i tore both my meniscus' and MCLs....being a dummy an sprinting on blacktop, one after the other...after some 8-10 months of being in straight casts i opted out for surgery because of the expense. both knees, and one in particular still bother me. my feet no longer sit straight in line with my knee and my hips dont sit straight making most things very imbalanced. i have gone to doctors and chiropractors since then but neither help and the chiropractors have elicited such obnoxious pain i feel better off being 'off'.

i reinjured my knee snowboarding a couple weeks ago and nursed it back until it stopped hurting again and last night at the gym i sat on my knees and my right knee retwisted and now i cant get it straight so i cant even bare the pain of putting on my straight brace to stabilize it. i cannot afford surgery in any way at the moment i just re registered in college to finish my degree and my job demands about 70hours a week from me.

i feel like at 27 i am going to be in a world of knee/hip/foot problems for the rest of my life an my calf muscles, i am guessing due to the imbalance have gotten oddly large like they are supporting more of me than they should be as opposed to my hips supporting me.

my original injury had the best rehab via a pool i had at the time, now stuck in a 3rd floor apartment in the hood, i do not have a pool or access to one so i am unsure of how to strengthen my legs and hips again w/o pain or hurting more of what i have already damaged. i take curcumin occasionally, i already eat an antiinflammatory diet. i got the food aspect covered. i need help on the physcial.... :-) thanks!

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on March 29, 2013
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I think that in one sense this is a "diet" site. Although I do see questions related to things other than diet occasionally. Anyway, I am writing in this thread to contribute my .02 cents. I also had problems with my knees, nothing as serious as yours. My doctor sent me for PRP therapy. See this link:


He called it "invasive", but I see it as a very natural "cure". Long story short, 1 treatment every few months. A series of 3 of them. After a year or more i am pain free and can sleep at night.

Not sure how this might relate to your case, but I thought it might help for you to hear about this treatment. Hope this helps in some way. good luck

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