Help, I'm sensitive to everything?

Answered on December 20, 2016
Created December 15, 2016 at 2:49 PM

 I started an elimination diet, now I'm at the phase of reintroduction. I started by avoiding gluten,  corn,  nightshades,  caffeine,  chocolate, eggs and dairy.  My symptoms got better,  but I found out that poultry and beef often triggers them,  especially in the beginning so I elminiated them. At the reintroduction phase I also found out that I'm sensitive to eggs. I don't eat pork or rabbit for religious reasons and I can't afford eating lamb or fish regularly. So I had to go vegan. But I'm not doing well without animal protein either,  I soon get plantar fasciitis and other problems. At later phases of the diet I started to be able to eat poultry,  but on Saturday I ate a bit of oat which caused a major reaction that only started to get better after 4 days.  Today I made a large pot of chicken soup and in a few hours I get the familiar joint pains, meaning I can't eat chicken again. So what should I do? It seems I'm doing best intolerance-wise on sweet potatoes and fruits,  but the lack of animal protein causes problems... So what can I do? 

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on December 20, 2016
at 02:49 PM

This is the end result of leaky gut, usually, but not always caused by previous exposure to gluten.  Large undigested protein particles have entered your blood stream, which then are tagged by the immune system as foreign and it will start to attack them.  

So you start to get random allergies at first and then alliergies to everything.  In the long term if left unchecked and the offending root cause (usually grains) aren't removed, the end result is at first an autoimmune disease followed by many more.

To fix this, you'll need to get L-Glutamine as powder, not pills, and consume about 10g a day.  Make sure it's pure and doesn't have additives.  Make and eat bone broths daily.  If you can't find bone broth get some unflavored gellatin and eat some daily.

I'd also ensure that the meat you do eat is organic or pastured as if it was fed GMO grains, you may be reacting what your food ate as well.  Chickens fed grains and soy will produce eggs that you're more likely to react to.  Try to find organic but not "vegetarian" fed eggs - chickens are omnivores and need some meat from insects/worms to thrive.  A vegan hen is a sick hen and will produce inferior eggs.  One fed GMO soy, corn, wheat will produce allergenic eggs and meat.

Try to find some sardines with the skin and bones, in olive oil or in water (avoid the ones in soy) and check the ingredients carefully.  This is a very cheap source of fish and it will also provide small amounts of vitamin D, and calcium.

As aside, try some cod livers in their own oil, I know, I know, sounds awful, but it actually tastes very good and provides B vitamins as well as Vitamin A.  You need a very small amount daily.  Maybe half a teaspoon. 

If you suffer from acid reflux as well, take a few Betaine HCl pills with each meal that contains protein.  

If you've had your gallbladder removed (common in the celiac syndrome), you'll also need to take ox bile pills (or at least digestive enzymes that contain lipase) before each meal.

You might also be suffering from low minerals such as zinc, potassium, iodine, sulfur, magnesium.  Try to supplement these.  Some seaweed, brazil nuts, onions/garlic/leeks, cabages, broccoli, etc. can help provide these.  Zinc and Magnesium you should supplement from pills.  (Stay away from Magnesium Oxide, you'd want something ending in "ate" like Magnesium Citrate, Malate, Threonate, etc.)

If you can't find these things (sardines, cod livers, L-Glutamine, supplements) in stores near you try Amazon.

Once you fix your leaky gut some of the allergies/sensitivies will go away and you should be able to eat eggs, chicken and other meats again, but it may be 3-6 months.  In most cases, it will be very quick once your gut is healed.  In really bad cases, the allergies will never go away.

Either way, once you heal your gut lining be careful with outside food.  Avoid restaurants and make your own food from known clean ingredients.

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