The higher the starting weight, the longer the weight-loss plateau?

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created July 02, 2013 at 6:56 PM

Hello All!

I'm looking for some feedback regarding my weight-loss plateau. I started Paleo last Fall and continued losing weight and feeling great. By the time the year ended, I have lost 80 lbs (over the entire year). My starting weight was 314, and I'm now at 234. The problem is, I've been at this weight since January, despite being in ketosis most of the time. I'm 27, F, 5'9", and I carry my weight pretty evenly (meaning most people never guess I weigh this much).

What I'm wondering is, because I started out at such a high weight, and I still have a lot to lose, would that cause such a long plateau? Are there any other people out there that have encountered this (starting out very heavy)? Any insight would be great...I'm incredibly frustrated.

Thank you!



on July 02, 2013
at 09:12 PM

Worth reading. http://www.aeonmagazine.com/being-human/david-berreby-obesity-era/



on July 02, 2013
at 09:11 PM


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on July 02, 2013
at 08:34 PM

Try a once a week carb binge. I lost fat faster that way.



on July 02, 2013
at 07:45 PM

I'm curious how many calories you eat per day, how many meals this divides into, and how often and intense you workout per week. Also, do you take any supplements? Assuming these all look healthy, maybe, some thyroid issue?

But then the question is how to get your metabolism / thyroid into optimal shape. Hmm.



on July 02, 2013
at 09:15 PM

No .



on July 02, 2013
at 08:54 PM

Hot damn! Congrats! If you can figure out this next step, you could help so many people. It really is the million dollar question. I think this is extremely common. A therapeutic ketogenic diet can get you far, but I'm not sure that in itself will get everyone all the way there. I lost 32 lbs. and went from 195 to 163 on a ketogenic diet, and stayed there forever. After having a few kids, I'm stuck back up at my starting point before I lost weight.

I think part of the reason might be gut bacteria. Low carb diets are also often low in prebiotic starch, so some of the bacteria that helps keep the gut healthy, and aid in weight management get down-regulated, and can lead to dysbiosis and leaky gut, and upping inflammation, particularly abdominal inflammation. So, that might be something to explore.

Circadian health, can be one to tackle too. Going to bed earlier, and avoiding nighttime light exposure can help regulate hormones that control weight. Do you snore? If so, sleep apnea is notorious for keeping weight on, and doing a sleep study will help you find out if a CPAP machine is a good idea for you (or you can just play didgeridoo for 20-40 min. a day if you have tolerant neighbors instead of CPAP therapy).

Sulfur deficiency could be a key. http://people.csail.mit.edu/seneff/sulfur_obesity_alzheimers_muscle_wasting.html

So could magnesium deficiency.http://organicconnectmag.com/wp/mark-hyman-md-putting-magnesium-back-in-your-life/

Epsom salt baths can get you both magnesium and sulfur.

Getting some sun can help too.

Like paleoT said, thyroid testing is a good idea.

There are also probably a number of variables we can't really control for that can keep weight on like environmental toxins and viruses.

If you figure it out, let me know, I've been stuck for a long time.

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