Slight amount of ketones and a trace of protein in urine + Barely discernible backache = ketosis?

Commented on November 05, 2011
Created November 04, 2011 at 11:47 PM

Last Saturday I started my period. I bloated up like an overstuffed sausage in its casing, and now by Friday, the water retention has slowly subsided. But because I felt like a giant sponge, I didn't have much of an appetite this week. My normal period backache has subsided into one that I know is there (like a tightness, no spasming), but doesn't affect my activity level. I don't really need any ibuprofen for it or anything, but it annoys me.

I check my urine periodically and noticed a low amount of ketones present as well as a trace of protein. No trace of glucose, blood or WBC's. I drink plenty of water throughout the day, but because I haven't had much of an appetite (possibly due to ketosis) I haven't been eating very much. My urine is light-yellow and doesn't have any sort of strong smell. I'm peeing normally, so dehydration doesn't seem to be an issue.

For example, food today consisted of a plateful of yucca, plantains and pulled chicken (lunch), snacking on almonds, and dinner was 2 roasted chicken drumsticks with a side of blackberries sauteed in butter. I'm thinking of running to the store and buying a pumpkin pie just so I can have more carbs.

How the heck do I snap out of this and get back to normal? I don't have a headache or anything, just this "meh" appetite and vague back ache.



on November 05, 2011
at 02:59 AM

Protein in urine is not a sign of ketosis. It could be a sign of infection, though.



on November 05, 2011
at 02:31 AM

I've gotten pretty "in tune" with myself since going Paleo last year, and know my body's reactions to things and what it needs. And yes, I get a backache along with abdominal cramps (intensity varies month to month), but they only last for a day or two and my period is over with by now. I'm probably not even breaking 1,000 calories a day and I don't need to lose any weight :( And too late on the pumpkin pie, lol.



on November 05, 2011
at 02:18 AM

My gosh, are you saying you've had periods that didn't give you a backache? It was pretty standard for me. And your appetite doesn't sound that bad, really, but I saw a great recipe for paleo pumpkin pie yesterday so you won't need to deprive yourself.



on November 05, 2011
at 01:52 AM

P.S. It kinda sounds like you just want a permission slip for pumpkin pie. ;D



on November 05, 2011
at 01:48 AM

I'm not really sure what's wrong, based on what you say above. Lower appetite could be because of ketosis, but I'm not sure what could be causing your backache. Maybe I'm just old and crabby, but other than your mild backache, it honestly sounds like nothing is wrong at all. Unless you feel like it's really weird to not be hungry all the time.

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