Revisit of ketosis during pregnancy + nausea

Asked on August 25, 2013
Created August 25, 2013 at 5:21 PM

I know that there are two other threads addresses ketosis during pregnancy, but they didn't really get to the info that I need so I figured I'd throw it out there again and add in some additional specifics.

I am 25 wks pregnant with my 6th. Immediately prior to this pregnancy I was about 70% paleo and 100% gluten and corn free. I have been gluten free for about 10yrs and corn free for about 4. Started playing around with paleo (and various similar diets) maybe 3 yrs ago.

In all but my very first pregnancy I have experienced unrelenting nausea lasting until the birth. I am the least nauseous in the morning on an empty stomach and get progressively more nauseous throughout the day as I eat. There is nothing that I have found this pregnancy that doesn't make me nauseous though there are definitely things that are worse than others - and some completely inedible. To the best of my memory at the end of my last pregnancy I was able to eat salmon burgers (with nothing on them/no bun) and drink raw milk. This time I can't drink any milk, and though I can eat the salmon burgers they are no better than anything else that isn't awful.

This time around I can not drink anything at all except for sweet thick smoothies and sweet, cold, very carbonated beverages. Everything else makes me immediately vomit (or at least feel as if I am going to). It was so awful in early pregnancy I found myself drinking diet soda as it was the only way I could find to stay hydrated. For a bit after I was able to drink on particular flavor/brand of kombucha, but that is currently only occasionally tolerable. Mostly I have a strawberry smoothie sweetened with banana and stevia or Whole Foods brand root beer with cane sugar. Oh -- and I was also completely refined sugar free prior to the pregnancy, but have had horrible sugar/sweet cravings during.

So this is the part where the ketosis comes in. I had my first visit with my midwife several weeks ago and and my ketones where they darkest she's ever seen -- completely the darkest color available. I've never purposefully tried to be or not be in ketosis so don't know a lot about it. I did gain weight in the first 22 weeks (about 10-12 lbs) which she was very happy with because weight gain/appropriate nutrition is always a struggle during my pregnancies, but I was then shocked that my ketones would be so high as I thought it has more to do with losing weight???

Anyway -- I know that prior to pregnancy I felt better both physically and emotionally when I was primarily paleo and would like to get back to that. Midwife wants me to be sure and eat enough of both carbs and protein. Frankly I'd also just like to not be nauseous as it makes the pregnancy much less pleasant that it would otherwise be.

I'm and open book and would be more than happy to share more about my prior and current eating habits as well as symptomology if there is anything relevant that I'm leaving out (I'm sure that there is). I had hoped going into this pregnancy being mostly paleo (as well as corn and gluten free) it would be better, but so far no luck :(

Any information would be greatly appreciated!

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