Recovering from celiacs

Answered on October 10, 2013
Created October 10, 2013 at 12:47 PM

Hi. I'm rather new to paleo, though I've been moving toward eating this way for a while. I've got a couple questions, though.

1 - By eating this way, I seem to go into ketosis without much effort. Prior to doing this full-bore, I had cut out almost all salt from my diet because it caused my hands to swell. When I leave out salt now or get dehydrated, I have tingling in my hands and feet. (Don't worry...doctors have checked this and not found anything.) When I up my salt and water, however, I feel a lot better, my weight goes down, and I start generating ketones like mad (stick is dark purple). I'm not sure if anyone else pays attention to this, but have they seen it before? It seems counter intuitive that having more water and salt would cause me to generate more ketones.

2 - I'm 1 year out from a celiac diagnosis and still having a lot of problems with eating things. I'm not bothered by cutting out grains and have slowly learned that, except for rice, pretty much any grain makes me feel awful. However, I am intolerant to nearly every FODMAPS out there. Because of this, I can't eat much at all in the way of fruit or fibrous veggies. Two of the things that seem okay with me are nightshades (specifically potatoes and bell peppers) and nuts. While coconut milk and oil are fine, coconut flesh makes me horribly sick so I use nut flours in baking. I understand these aren't great for you, but I hate to cut them out when there's already so little I can eat. If anyone else has experience with celiacs, does this get better over time? Like I said, I'm 1 year post diagnosis and a lot of these carb/fiber intolerances are still with me despite being religiously gluten-free.

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on October 10, 2013
at 03:04 PM

My wife's side of the family has Celiac issues and she has to a lesser degree issues with grains. Could be she has Celiac but was never tested. I got her to eliminate grains and after six months all is well. I don't think you recover from it, you just avoid the things that make you ill.

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