MASSIVE paleo binges- what is my body asking for!?

Answered on July 21, 2015
Created July 17, 2015 at 1:35 AM

Howdy, folks! New to the community and looking to put a stop to a recent bout of binging. Hoping someone can help me identify what it is my body is ACTUALLY in need of so I can respect it properly! Thanks!
Brief backstory- I am 5 foot 7, 119 pounds (estimate after today's binge) and have been free from grain/dairy/alcohol/highly processed foods for 65 days. I recently cut out fruit and carbs in pursuit of being keto (maybe this is the culprit) though in my binges I have had an occasional banana and sweet potatoe. In the past 65 days my menstruation has ceased.

Recently I have been binging HUGE amounts of paleo foods. Don't believe me, dudes and dudettes? Check out today's fare. These are "trance" like quick gobbling sessions btw, I feel so out of control.

  • 18 whole eggs
  • 7 avocados
  • 2 cans sardines
  • 5oz red onion
  • 3 tomatoes
  • 5 (100 cal) packs of walnuts/almonds
  • 1 large chinese takeout order of steamed broccoli
  • 1 large chinese takeout order of steamed SHRIMP and broccoli
  • 1 small takeout order of steamed shrimp and onions
  • 3 cups kale

...see what I mean? YIKES!

So I beg of you- what do you think? Is this my body finally saying "enough is enough! I need more squash!" or is it my body trying to get back its menstrual cycle? Is it just emotional? Am I just a bottomless pit?

Any input from you fine folks is greatly appreciated!!!!

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8 Answers



on July 17, 2015
at 10:20 AM

Eggs, broccoli, kale and onions are sulfur containing foods - they're some of the highest foods containing sulfur infact.  Tomatoes are high in MSM which contains sulfur. Avocado is high in glutathione, which breaks down when digested into cystine, which is a sulfur containing amino acid. I think we found it.

Other stuff:

Shrimp would be zinc containing.  Did that shrimp & broccoli dish contain garlic, if so, garlic is very high in sufur.

Sardines would be omega 3's, and calcium (if not boneless)

Avocado, eggs, nuts, and sardines would be high in MUFAs, and essential n3/n6 respectively, were you eating a low fat/high carb diet before?



on July 18, 2015
at 08:48 AM

1. Try to eat more at scheduled mealtimes.

2. Eat slowly. Take your time. Make your meal last at least 30 minutes or more.

3. Add some safe carbs that work with you. Sweet potatoes or just potatoes might work.  Experiment with what your body agrees with.

4. On your plate there should be some carby veggies, some veggies, come protein and some fat (no need to have too much). For desert you can have some berries, fruit, and nuts.


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on July 18, 2015
at 07:00 PM

Add LOTS of safe carbs.


on July 17, 2015
at 07:48 AM

Hey Lunavieve, 


Two things : 

-binge eating and over snacking are (when not psychological of origin) due to either malnutrition or a deficiency of some nature. 

What did you have strong cravings for specifically?

And what is a normal day for you eating? 


-As for your amenorrhoea, that is directly due to you being underweight. You are far too tall to be under 125 pounds and be healthy. 

Why are you aiming for ketosis? 

Do you feel you have fat to lose?... (if yes, I highly suggest switching to a high protien paleo diet and weight lifting exclusively until you gain 10-15 pounds of muscle. You can only grow a maximum of 1-2 pounds a week, so anything more then that is temporary water weight while the muscles are building and shouldn't be counted to your muscle gain numbers. Muscle building is anabolic, and therefore you will need to eat a few extra calories) 


When I go into over snacking mode I prefer to have a serving of Vega whole nutrition protien powder twice a day with unsweetened Almond milk. Vega is a purely vegan (so no dairy) protien powder and 2 servings will supply 100% of your daily vitamin & mineral needs. 



on July 21, 2015
at 03:21 AM

I went into binge mode today- then heated up a cup of butternut squash and binge STOPPED. Shocked. Still the foods I went for were red onions and eggs. Today mustard too. But the squash helped. Only thing is immediately I could feel water retention in my legs. My thighs feel stuffed into my shorts when not 4 days ago they were loose. Is this water retention from mustard or to do with added carbs? Thanks all!


on July 18, 2015
at 09:27 PM

I'm in the same boat as you! I pretty much stick to a ketogenic diet, and I realized that when I workout and don't take in too many calories for a couple days, THEN I get these cravings to overeat like crazy. I also intermitten fast, and I'm rarely really hungry. But then it just hits me!!


on July 17, 2015
at 09:25 PM

Also, there is no typical day of eating for me, sadly. I am so out of touch with my hunger and fullness cues that it is erratic. I think this comes from the binge eating past and then following starvation that (poorly executed) raw-veganism brought about. I am starting to feel bad for my poor body in realizing how much I have put it through. I'd like to figure this out to give it the gift of finally having what it needs. Your answers are SO valued. Thank you.  


on July 17, 2015
at 09:17 PM

Wow! I really appreciate your input so quickly, everyone. Thank you so much!!! Boy oh boy did I wake up sick today- distended stomach to the extent that I look 9 months pregnant.

I am really interested in the sulfur and zinc connection. I think I overate the avocadoes more so for pleasure, but I almost robotically crave raw red onion, canned sardines (bone in) and eggs. 
So sulfur, zinc and calcium? Iodine?

I read that onion has properties that are osteoperosis fighting. The calcium in sardines seems to compliment that this may be a bone issue due to lack of estrogen?
Any link to hormonal health and sulfur?

Also, in reviewing this question I feel I sould divulge a tad bit more info. I have a history of disordered eating. I used to binge on SAD carbs everyday, to a massive extent. In response I went raw-vegan in 2013, and went from 145 pounds to 109. As a raw vegan I consumed 0 grams of fat for almost 5 months (I am HORRIFIED by this). I was very VERY ill from that. It also left me continuing to binge on fruit... I never got rid of the sugar binges, I just found a way to trnasform them. Just as unhealthy. So I started eating paleo, lots of meat and fish and eggs, squash and veggies but somehow ended up carb binging again. So I went keto, hoping to finally curb sugar cravings once and for all. And yet here I am. AHHH! It's a mess. 

And I do have fat to lose, so I will certainly start lifting! Love the vega suggestion too.

So this is great, I really feel so thankful for your input, guys! I am looking into sulphur more! 
Maybe a nice sweet potato is in order too. I just don't want it to end up being 10 sweet potatos, ya know?

Thanks, loves.



on July 17, 2015
at 06:56 PM

Go eat a 5lb bag of potatoes/sweet potatoes and report back.

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