kicked out of ketosis every morning, back by noon???

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created May 19, 2013 at 4:13 PM

Hi my name is Lucas Richard. I am 22, 148.8 lbs (in the morning after urinating), 12% body fat (though there is discrepency; one machine says 12%, one 14%, and the caliper say 17% (if you saw me you'd know that isnt accurate-I've lost 100lbs and have a lot of sagging skin)), 20 BMI. I've lost 100 lbs low carbing, and would like to loose a couple more (or rather drop my bf % to 10%). I seem to be very sensitive to carbs and so I try and keep at 20 to 25 netcarbs per day. I monitor my blood ketone levels and seem to maintain nutritional ketosis (from .5 up to 2) most of the time. However recently I've made some changes and have noticed that I am being kicked out of ketosis in the morning after breakfast, and can't imagine that my breakfast would be the culprit. I am suspecting that it's the supplements that I'm taking, and will experiment tomorrow morning with the same breakfast with out the supplements. Here is a list of my supplements and my morning breakfast for your review and constructive criticism:

Morning routine:

Wake up 6am

Drink plenty of water with salt, potassium, and liquid oxygen mixed in.

Walk (at fast pace) 30 mins to the gym.

Do 3 sets, 12 reps each of chest press, bicep curls, shoulder press, triceps, and leg press.

sit in sauna for 30 min while eating breakfast:


60 grams milled flax seed (1 net carb) 200ml unsweetened almond milk (.2 net carbs) 2 TBS of PB2 peanutbutter powder (3 net carbs) 2 TBS unsweetened cocoa powder (2 net carbs) 2 TBS pure Erythritol (0 carbs) 2 Hard boiled eggs (1 net carb)

=7.2 net carbs


Iron free multi-vit cinnamon w/chromium R-ALA NAC Omega 3, 6, 7, 9 additional omega 3 additional DHA w/spirulina COQ-10 Acyel-L-Carnitine Niacin Pantethenic acid (B-5) Folic acid vit C vit D vit E Ginger root Aloe Vera Green Tea w/Hoodia Probiotic Complex

About 45 minutes to an hour later my blood ketone reading is .3 mmol (one time it was .2). Then about an hour to two hours later it's back to nutritional ketosis levels (.5, .6, .8) and by mid after noon I'm up to 1.5.

This morning I tried doing the breakfast with out the PB2 and cocoa powder and still had the same problem (reading was .3).

Any suggestions?

Also; I have heard that anything over 9grams of carbs per hour will kick you out of ketosis; is that true? I recently read the 'Perfect 10 Diet' by Michael Aziz who is convinced that the problem with weight gain is leptin resistance. Part of his perscription for controling leptin resistance and optimising fat burning is to eat 3 large (600 to 700 calorie) meals a day and allow for 5 to 6 hours between each meal, no snacks, nothing after dinner, and 11 to 12 hours between dinner and breakfast. I have been experimenting with this. That means however that with no snacks, and sticking to 9grams of carbs per hour, I am only able to consume 27 net carbs per day. What do you think? I am trying this because I seem to be struggling with excessive hunger, and while in Nigeria a few months ago I alowed this hunger to take over, snacking frequently, and though I kept to around 20 net carbs per day, I gained a few noticable pounds. Any words of wisdom?

Also what is the best way to experiement with how a certain food effects your blood ketone levels? IE how long after eating a certain food should I wait to check my ketones?


on May 19, 2013
at 06:13 PM

A friend of mine who is a dedicated ketosis-for-life dieter and nutrition counselor tells me that peanut butter sometimes kicks her out of ketosis, and also has been an issue for some people in her class. Perhaps experiment with other nut butters or something else entirely.



on May 19, 2013
at 06:00 PM

This was my thought. Even though the breakfast has few carbs, it doesnt seem to have much else (protein, fat, chewing, etc.)

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on May 19, 2013
at 05:23 PM

Just guessing but I suspect that you could be having a pretty fast digestion in your breakfast as most food is already in a very processed form, see:

  • Almond milk... is liquid
  • Peanut butter is very calorie dense (and omega-6 rich!) and hard to find in nature and it's easily digestible as being in the butter form
  • Same for flax... chewing it would be difficult to digest it but milled is really easy
  • Cocoa powder is... well, powder form

Is my understanding that even if low carb, some meals can have an overall insulin spike just by the fact that you are eating and this has some form of response, and you have the added bonus of being pretty readily-available nutrients. Think about whey protein, is low carb yet is one of the most insulinogenic foods.

I also concur with other users: getting out of ketosis shouldn't be any problem at all, you still burn fat when low carb in general, and maybe even better long term if some concessions are made from time to time.

I'd focus in having a full breakfast of eggs, bacon, or whatsoever meat you enjoy the most plus some side-veggies, some quality dairy post-workouts for the anabolic effect and plenty of fish-seafood at any other meal plus loads of greens, a little bit of fruit once and then and maybe some carb refeeds after some key workouts paired with a hell of a protein dose.

For the rest I think you're on a good road if you are following the nutrition timings you detail in the last part of your question. And yes, I personally think that becoming leptin sensitive is the holy grail, and if you have lost so much weight chances are you are still not yet there, it's a long lasting journey, I'd just be patient and see how things go over the time, being 12% BF (or near) already is a big achievement!



on May 19, 2013
at 06:00 PM

This was my thought. Even though the breakfast has few carbs, it doesnt seem to have much else (protein, fat, chewing, etc.)



on May 19, 2013
at 04:54 PM

Well first off, I would suggest focusing on your priorities. I assume you didn't start off saying "i need to stay in ketosis my whole life." you probably have goals that relate to staying fit (congrats BTW! ),staying healthy, maybe being more capable at sports. None of these require staying in ketosis.

Maybe the changes that you have made, while not leading to ketosis, are still leading to you achieving your goals.

I think the more experimentation you can do, the more likely you will find the best fit for your goals and life.

I know this doesn't address the question at all but I hope it is helpful anyway.

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on May 20, 2013
at 12:42 AM

I would say you need to introduce more real food to your diet, it seems everything you're eating is highly processed. Don't complicate things, keep it simple, go back to basics, eat like a caveman.



on May 19, 2013
at 04:41 PM

You could try Intermittent fasting to keep your body in ketosis for a longer amount of time. If you keep with the same low carb diet and eat all of your calories within a 6 hour window you should see a drop in your body fat % pretty fast

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