Ketosis- Scared of Fat?

Answered on June 11, 2014
Created June 11, 2014 at 3:05 AM

Hey guys,

I began eating mostly paleo over the past month and feel so much better! My emotions and energy levels have evened out better than I thought. I had quite a view slip-ups during my time; however, after experimenting with my diet, I found Yerba Mate dramatically reduces my hunger, allowing me to follow a Paleo eating style fairly easy. Now i'm ready to take the full-plunge.

My BF is around 20%. I'm 5'9, 140ish. I want to try ketosis to reduce my BF. When I experimented with ketosis, I noticed my energy, mood, and mental concentration was much better.

I'm afraid adding more fat to my meals will make me more fat. Intellectually, I know this isn't true, but as a former fat kid, the fear of becoming fat is real. haha. Is this an unwarranted fear?

Here's a sample of my diet:

Breakfast: 2 egg yolks, 2 egg whites, and veggies (Cooked in coconut oil)

Lunch: Meat with salad and veggies (chicken cooked in coconut oil, with an added tablespoon of olive oil)

Dinner: Same as lunch.

This meal-plan keeps me pretty full, never hungry and never thinking about food.

Once again, although I know intellectually I need fat to enter ketosis, I'm paranoid that adding more fat/calories will make me fat.

Any advice on my situation? Is this enough food for me to enter ketosis? It may seem like a small amount, but I am relatively small. I'm interested in cutting, not bulking.

Thanks for the help!


on June 11, 2014
at 03:23 AM

Supplement question: Can ketosis be achieved with a high protein, mod fat, low carb diet? I find most fatty meat (bacon, etc.) disgusting.


on June 11, 2014
at 03:06 AM

My bad on the typo in the title. I was nervous writing my first paleohacks post!

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3 Answers

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on June 11, 2014
at 08:57 AM

No reason to fear fat but it is easy to go over your necessary calories with a few tablespoons too many, although in my experience with coconut oil there's even less chance of gaining fat from going slightly over, I think due to the way it works, boosting metabolism/burning fat, the MCT's are burned for fuel quite rapidly.

Some really overweight people seem to be able to go over calories and still lose weight, but i'm tall & slim and if I eat too many calories of anything I gain weight, always in the wrong places of course. I gain weight from carbs & fat much easier than when i'm in ketosis but calories in/out does definitely still apply.

Your diet sounds tasty!



on June 11, 2014
at 06:31 AM

This sounds like a good plan to me and easily enough food if you're doing the salad and veg up right. If you include exercise / resistance in your plan, you might not be able to notice too much fat dropping off the scale, so don't be discouraged. I'm around 8-10% with 10lbs heavier body mass at a similar height.

Maybe go in for an NMR lipoprofile test so you can set a baseline and see how diet affects the numbers.

If you start to feel a little off, you'll want to address potential electrolyte / caloric issues.

Don't be afraid to eat some fruit / nuts / seeds. Glycemic Index scores are useful.

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on June 11, 2014
at 04:48 AM

Don't be afraid of fat. The only thing that will make you fat is too many calories and not enough exercise, though most people can get away with more calories if it's HFLC (ketosis).

You can enter ketosis by fasting (or starvation but I don't recommend it) so yes, that's enough food. Just be careful to make sure you're getting all your micronutrients and not putting stress on your body from chronic calorie restriction. This could mess up your metabolism. Eat food, not too much, mostly plants (and fat)...

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