Ketosis, only staying in small range any ideas?

Commented on February 01, 2015
Created September 20, 2014 at 3:30 PM

K I am doing a low carb low fat low sodium and nondairy diet.  Eat between 20- 30g carbs per day mainly from leafy green veg.  I have been doing this for 2 weeks and I am only registering small on a urine analysis.  Anyone have any ideas why I can't get into the moderate to large range.  Btw feel great on this diet but weight loss is not moving as I had hoped given its restrictive nature.  

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on September 21, 2014
at 11:56 PM

The low ketone reading is probably due to the fact that you're in energy balance, as evidenced by weight maintenance.  In many contexts (and this is likely one of them), calories DO matter... ketogenic diets are very effective at spontaneously reducing appetite in obese populations, but others may need to more carefully monitor things like food intake, sleep quality, stress, etc.

That said, I suspect if you modestly reduced intake of the diet your currently following, the energy deficit (and weight loss) will induce a prompt rise in your ketone levels.

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on September 22, 2014
at 01:50 AM

Thanks for your response. I don't think I could cut my carotid intake by much.  I AMA 5 foot 7 woman and I currently am eating about 800-1000 calories per day ;(.  I am not hungry for more and have found it hard to get to 1200 calories which I have only achieved once in the last two weeks.  Really stuck here



on September 22, 2014
at 07:14 AM

if your aim is to increase your level of ketosis, then you need to be following a ketogenic diet.
which is basically low carb, adequate protein and high fat.

the three major fuels for the body are glucose, fatty acids and ketone bodies.
currently, because you are low carb and low fat your dietary protein is being used to manufacture glucose via gluconeogenesis.


on February 01, 2015
at 10:29 AM

Yes this is spot on, yea it's scary to think about consuming a lot of fat at first especially with what we've all been taught but fat doesn't make you fat.



on September 22, 2014
at 11:34 PM

what daz said


on September 22, 2014
at 06:37 AM

Why are you eating low fat when trying a Keto diet? Are you following an established plan?




on September 22, 2014
at 08:26 AM

I assume you are measuring first thing in the morning. I've gotten good readings at night, eaten nothing and then tested negative in the morning. I suspect this is because the liver produces glucose at night when you are in ketosis. 

If you are testing in the mornings, try testing just before you go to bed instead. 


on September 22, 2014
at 05:15 AM

Have you tried measuring your blood Ketone (BHB) level?

You may need to increase your saturated fat intake. Coconut oil and MCT oil with every meal will raise your ketones.

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