Ketoacidosis - Not Diabetic! Help SOS :(

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created April 17, 2013 at 3:14 PM

My mom noticed earlier today that I have acetone smell in my breath. She's observant, I'll give her that. I did feel awfully tired and foggy today, even more than usually ever since I began doing Paleo about a month ago.

I'm not eating lot of carbs along the day. At all. Today I started taking GreenPasture's fermented cod liver oil with butter oil blend (2 capsules), and doing oil pulling with coconut oil. For what it's worth, ever since I started Paleo I've been eating every morning about 150g papaya and some coconut meat along with it (for some other experiment I've been doing), and stopped 3 or 4 days ago. That means much less carbs.

Searching for the meaning of this odd smell, I found the term Ketoacidosis. Considering the symptoms and the situation I am in, that must be what I'm currently having. Reading in several topics, it says only Paleo low-carb Diabetics are in danger reaching this state, so what's happening?

Out of panic I loaded some carbs from fruits (papaya, apple), actually considering going berserk on a spoon of white sugar to shake that insulin up. Have no idea if eating the fruits helped.

I usually take these kind of things rather lightly and let time do its thing, but I read that this is a very serious condition that could actually be fatal, and my parents are super worried about me doing Paleo as it is, since it's been a month now and I show poor results so far, being tired and cognitively-foggy all the time. I do eat enough, I keep saying that it is a transition time of carb->fat burning, but it does seem to take way too long. Also, for what it's worth, I'm about 70kg @ 1.83cm.

Thanks so much in advance.

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4 Answers



on April 17, 2013
at 03:25 PM

Ketosis and ketoacidosis aren't the same thing. Non diabetic low carb paleos dip in and out of ketosis all the time and is to be expected. http://www.wisegeek.com/what-is-the-difference-between-ketosis-and-ketoacidosis.htm


on April 17, 2013
at 03:37 PM

Unless you are type 1 diabetic, you do NOT have ketoacidosis. That happens when your body can't make insulin, not just from having ketones.


on April 17, 2013
at 03:27 PM

you will not die from having ketones in your blood stream. google ketogenic paleo diet, you will find some answers there.

the way you transition from carb-fat burner is to lower your carbs, you can go down to about 20g's a day pretty safely as long as you are comsuming plenty of fat, drinking copious amounts of water, broth and restoring your electrolytes.

you may have been feeling foggy because you were actually IN the transition phase. many people notice "keto breath" and a bit of "carb flu" that lasts a day or two, but is cured by increased intake of fluids, fat and protein and electrolytes. it can take longer in people who have more compromised metabolic systems.

after you are actually adapted you should notice an increase in energy, as well as more stable blood sugar. the keto breath will fade.



on April 17, 2013
at 08:51 PM

Yes, calm down. Some people go through two weeks of this stuff. You've only been without carbs for 3-4 days. Your body was beginning to make ketones, which is okay. Watch this video and calm down.

Ketoacidosis is something completely different. Your sugar binge could not save you from ketoacidosis, so if you are able to read this now, and you aren't in the hospital resting after a major intervention, you don't have ketoacidosis.

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