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Answered on August 19, 2014
Created July 12, 2013 at 7:59 PM

Hi everyone, I cut my carb intake about couple weeks ago, I was feeling just fine, I had no any purpose of getting onto ketosis, I eat quinoa and brown rice, lot's of veggies, meat and healthy fat. Although I started getting migraines almost every day a week ago, sometimes I am able to prevent them by drinking lots of water, but most of the times they just interfere with all my activities and make me cancel all my plans, cause the only thing I can do is stay in bed. Yesterday it was really bad, I felt energyless, nauseous, dark spots in vision and killer headache, so I had to take a sick day at work. So I assume that this is a carb flue (and I have other symptoms like dry mouth, etc). I guess I'm going to be in and out of ketosis all the time now, cause I still want to have a fear amount of carbs, but there are days when I don't have any (other than veggies) Do you think that I'm going to start getting a carb flu every once in a while? or will my body adjust to this way of eating somehow? I'm confused. Thank you!

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on July 13, 2013
at 04:58 AM

Going low carb means water loss => sodium loss => potassium loss (body tries to conserve sodium and does this by exchanging it for potassium in kidneys)...and if I understand it correctly, it's not being in ketosis/being low carb long term, just that initial phase. So if you plan on cycling in and out, you're aggravating the problem - unless you "supplement" with salt heavily (keeping your sodium up so body won't have reason to waste potassium). Volek and Phinney recomment around 4-5g/day for active people.

For example, when I've started to salt more, my weight went two kg (over 4 pounds) up almost immediately (and I've started to feel much better too).



on August 10, 2013
at 01:26 PM

I've found that all of the symptoms diminish when drink more water and eat more sodium. I still get the dark spots in my vision from time to time but mainly when its hot and/or exercise so I assume it also has something to do with being low on sodium. I've also experienced constipation which also seems to go away when I eat more sodium.

If you ever get rid of the dark spots in your vision I would very much like to hear about it.


on July 13, 2013
at 01:14 AM

I don't know if this helps, but I got a flu about a week after I first went into ketosis. Eventually, it'll just go away, if that's all it is.

If you are going into ketosis just now, I've heard it recommended that you increase your intake of water and salt.

How long have your symptoms lasted?

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