Do you think the theory that ketosis actually feeds candida is true?

Answered on September 12, 2014
Created October 28, 2012 at 5:14 PM

I've read a claim that going into ketosis is actually bad for candida because the candida can feed on the ketones.

Any thoughts on this?



on November 03, 2012
at 04:37 AM

I'd also ask what was your protein consumption and how long were you VLC? The dry eyes and dry mucous membranes sounds like protein deficiency.



on October 28, 2012
at 09:39 PM

^You say yeast overgrowth, I say die off. Nothing in holistic health is for certain, because it's more of an art than an exact science.



on October 28, 2012
at 05:42 PM

This did happen to me. I didn't have issues with candida for 10 years or so. Then after going paleo, I, as many do, went very low carb. It only took a few weeks before I started having hormonal issues, mucous membrane dryness and yeast infections. All in spite of a very well balanced (low carb) diet with organ meats, bone stock and careful supplementation. Adding back small amounts of starch fixed the issues. I found this incredibly surprising.

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5 Answers



on October 29, 2012
at 12:48 AM

I've never seen a legit source of this and frankly I don't see the logic. If you have yeast overgrowth in a non-leaky gut how do BLOOD KETONES feel them? If you have have fungus actively growing in your blood stream get of Paleo hacks and go see a real physician.

I'm stickin with "This is Woo" until I see some legit research to back it up.



on October 28, 2012
at 05:52 PM

I don't know if it's true, but ketosis sorted out my chronic hyperglycemia fed candida almost immediately. I'd had recurring balanitis for so long that most that I was having to rotate through every pharmacist in my local area in order to get my hands on enough canestan.



on October 28, 2012
at 05:22 PM

I've read both ways on this, actually. I just don't see how ketosis would be a bad thing, but I'm not sure.


on October 28, 2012
at 09:28 PM

From my experience ketosis is not optimal for candida/fungal issues I developed toe funus and other symptoms got worse I suspect if you eat 'enough' protein it wouldn't be as bad



on October 28, 2012
at 06:18 PM

I've been wondering this to

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