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Asked on June 15, 2014
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Some background. 24, female, 5ft 3 or so, 47kg with adequate fat and gaining muscle rapidly. I have been on a paleo, gluten-free and corn-free diet for about five or so months now, doing very well and healing my gut after being diagnosed with celiac-disease. I do not have pasteurised dairy in my diet and only eat/drink raw, unfiltered dairy, and my own eggs from my own free-range, pastured chickens. Around 1900 calories a day, lots of fats, 50-100g carbs. No grains other than rare rice.

The past week or so, my urine has been crystal clear. This is not the norm for me. The amount of water I drink does not seem to affect the colour, and my drinking habits have not changed at all in the past few weeks (it is a bit of an effort to get me to drink, although since going paleo in the past 6 months, I have actually been able to notice a thirst and drink more than I used to - a healthy, regular amount). Going in and out of ketosis did not change habits or colour, other than oddly pleasant smell and slight increase of thirst in the first few weeks whilst I was getting into it. I would presume that I am in a mild state of ketosis most of the time right now, keto sticks always show mild-medium levels + feeling great and stable.

Previously it has been of some colour, which I had presumed normal, or moderately dark when I have not had adequate liquids (!). There's no difference in frequency or amount of urination, pain or urges (or otherwise). I would say my bladder health has improved since going paleo, no more infections. However, the clarity of the urine still worries me, as it came overnight and persists yet. Is it a cause for concern or is this actually natural? If so, what might have caused such a sudden change? Thanks for your advice.

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