Cage Match: Jimmy Moore vs. Anyone: Who Wins?

Commented on June 18, 2012
Created June 18, 2012 at 8:36 AM

That's not really the question, but I couldn't resist. Sure provides an interesting visual, though, doesn't it? This will doubtless be considered squarely in the realm of argumentative and/or subjective, so I suppose it doesn't matter (translation: Get your answers in before the Fun Police shut us down!).


Hack Jimmy's latest blood ketone-measuring scheme...um...n=1. We're told it's actually resulted in some weight loss - but only after hundreds of dollars in testing strips, meters, graphs and charts, expensive books, intermittent fasting (e.g., starving), and what is probably a very-low-to-zero-carb diet. It's probably low calorie as well, but for the purposes of this discussion put that out of your mind: we're talking Low Carb Magic here, people. Also forget whether or not it's sustainable.

So, the big question: Is this in any way 'paleo'? By anyone's definition? Since the individual in question has professed to be following 'low carb paleo' I believe this to be a valid question.

Hey, at least I didn't mention Jack Kruse.



on June 18, 2012
at 09:03 AM

If you want to ask a question please just ask a real question and don't post agumentative ones about individuals.

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