After your Carb-Cycle, do you find yourself hungrier when transitioning back into Keto? Crossfit nutrition requirement question too!

Asked on February 27, 2012
Created February 27, 2012 at 2:24 AM

I have been following the CKD (under 50 net carbs daily) for about 3 weeks now. Every time I cycle my carbs I find myself insatiably hungry the next day as I begin to go back to VLC.

For example, I've had 3 full meals today, a snack that was (calorie wise) almost a meal, and I just had to mix macadamia nut butter and coconut oil (with some ground coffee mixed in...holy hell it was DELICIOUS) to get more fat into me to see if the hunger would subside....no such luck. Todays calories his just about 2554 cal.

Has any body else experienced this hunger after you carb cycle ? How do you deal with it? Any idea why it happens?

Also, being a 19 year old female who is incredibly active (5 days of Crossfit a week[will be beginning 2-a-days again now that Im no longer sick :D], 5 two mile walks a week, walking on campus, and usually 3 rides on my pony each week) is my caloric intake too low? Generally it is between 1700 and 2100 calories a day. My recommendation to maintain is about 2350 according to Lyle McDonald's equations. I'm looking for lean gains/fat loss and I know that these two do not generally go hand in hand. I have seen a little change using the CKD, at the loss of some performance....what are your suggestions?

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