How to eat Low-Carb Paleo without relying on meat and eggs?

Asked on April 02, 2018
Created April 02, 2018 at 5:25 AM

I eat mostly paleo - let's say six days a week. I keep getting looped into someone else's "cheat day."

I enjoy fruits and sweet potatoes. I have no dairy sensitivities, so I include dairy in my diet. A large salad, with hard-boiled eggs and shaved fennel and rainbow carrots, is my go-to lunch on weekdays. I've kept small amounts of white rice in my diet - the antinutrients are in the removed hull, so arguably, small amounts of white rice do not violate the rules of the paleo diet. It's rarely more than one or two servings per week. 

But I have trouble with two paleo staples - meat and eggs. Scrambled eggs make me nauseous, even though I can happily eat hardboiled eggs with my salad, or chinese egg-drop soup. My boyfriend is baffled (and probably offended) that I turn down his home-cooked steaks, that I find pork chops unappealing, and that a chicken breast seems far too difficult to digest. Fish is tolerable, but even then I'd prefer not to eat it more than once or twice a week. I enjoy cheese with fruit, but can't stand it over eggs. 

I don't enjoy these heavier foods - they make me feel sluggish and sap my energy. While fruits and sweet potatoes feel invigorating, I feel a noticeable drop in my energy levels if I eat something heavy, like a steak. It affects my performance at work. It makes me so exhausted that I crave a nap, and turns me into a zombie if I can't take one. 

My boyfriend is pushing for me to go Very Low Carb - he is on the Keto diet himself. It's obviously had a huge positive impact on his energy levels, his focus, and his weight. He looks and feels fantastic. His staple foods, however, make me feel terrible. I'd like to try to find a compromise between my needs, and his well-meaning push for me to change my diet. 

Can anyone give me some low-carb meal ideas that aren't meat- or egg-heavy? Has anyone gotten over food aversions or digestive weaknesses, that prevented you from eating these things? 

Thank you! 

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