Is the ketogenic diet safe for a 13 yr old?

Asked on March 10, 2017
Created March 10, 2017 at 11:38 PM

Hey guys,

I've been on and off keto for 3 months now and I'm just not sure whether it's okay or safe for a 13 yr old to be going keto.

Im not fat or anything but I do have some room to lose some weight however when I did keto for the first time I didn't have my period, it was late but I did lose some weight, I was 53 kg and I losed 2 kg (51) in under a wk.

But I didn't feel like it was maintainable, I had so many sugar cravings so I would always subsistute with so low carb treats but then it wouldn't satisfy me so I would keep on eating them until I felt really full.

Growing up I was always on the fat side, my mum didn't really understand nutrition so she would give me fatty foods and unhealthy carbs and such. I got my first period when I was a yr 6 (11 yrs old) which was pretty early compared to some other girls, it was always regular but I still ate crappy food and the weight keeped piling on. I wasn't extremely fat but I did needed to lose weight. In yr 7 I tried eating more healthy but I still didn't really understand health and nutrition but instead I replaced my unhealthy snacks to apples and pb for example, did lose a little bit of weight but I feel like puberty did most of it because I got my growth spurt then. Yr 8 (13 yrs old) was when I fully decided I wanted to lose weight, I went on so many diets, I was counting calories and went vegetarian. I losed 6 kg and felt great, but I was developing a 'eating disorder' I was always counting calories and staying away for fats because the was double the calories. Before I did those things I weighed 57 kg which shocked me, I was pretty active, I did lots of sports and Pilates but I still looked slightly chubby. 

Im 165 cm tall 

Im a female and I currently weight 56 kg 

right now I am a yr 9 (turning 14)

I got out of my eating disorder which is great and I ate healthy and taught myself the nutrition that I needed. My breakfast would be oats and fruit or a smoothie and I would eat 6 small meals a day. I tried not to count calories so then I managed to maintain a weight 50~53kg. Then I saw this video on YouTube by this guy called Dr. Berg and he said that 6 meals a day was bad and keto was the way to go and such and it was all scienfically based and sounded convincing so I decided to do it.

(This is the 2nd attempted of keto)

just wanted to lose alittle but more weight, then I thought I could eat nut butter all day which was really addicted which I am now, I LOVE NUT BUTTER OMG I CAN  A WHOLE JAR IF I WANTED TO. Then I gained weight, I weighed 58 kg and I was shocked, I could not believe it. Stop going keto and tried going paleo and intuitive eating but I couldn't, I loved going paleo but I didn't lose any weight. So I went keto againnnnnn now I'm 56 kg but I still am addicted to nut butter but I'm making sure to eat less. I'm only on day 4 of keto and I feel crap. SO MANY CRAVINGS UGHHHHH I CRAVE SO MUCH THINGS LIKE FRUIT AND HEALTHY ALTERNATIVES TO DESERTS (I crave healthy alternatives because I've been eating healthy throughout yr8 so I kinda just crave them instead of refined carbs and such). I still haven't got my period, I'm 2 months late but I feel like if I keeped going keto it will be better(only keto for 4 days) I have lose 2kg for 58 so do u guys think I should keep going? Or nahh

would carb cycling work?

sorry if this was really long :)


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