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Answered on August 19, 2014
Created August 29, 2012 at 7:46 PM

when you culture kefir, can you put the mason jar in the cabinet to ferment? or does it have to be outside in your kitchen, out in the open?

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5 Answers


on August 30, 2012
at 09:27 PM

A process known as light-oxidization occurs when milk is exposed to sunlight or fluorescent lighting. This effects the taste of milk. In the least this might mess with the taste of your kefir.




on August 29, 2012
at 07:52 PM

It can be anywhere that has a normal temperature, as long as the sun doesn't see it directly.


on August 30, 2012
at 10:22 PM

I don't have room in a cabinet, but I throw a small towel over my jar of kefir on the counter to protect it from light.


on August 30, 2012
at 02:26 AM

Anywhere out of sunlight with a consistent temperature. It is a living system, so you wouldn't want to put it near frequent temperature changes, over a stove or directly on top of your refrigerator for example. Its healthy temperature range is 67 to 87, I find mine does best in the low 80's. I keep a meat thermometer next to it, not very accurate but gives a general idea.


on August 29, 2012
at 07:51 PM

some people will say cabinet, some will say outside in the kitchen in the open or some will say it doesnt matter.

when i fermented my beet kvass, i put a dish cloth over it, tightened it with a rubber band and stuck it in a dark cupboard that was cool.

some people think light destroys some vital things in the fermentation process and so i listened as a precautionary.

shouldn't really matter but better to be safe, no harm done :)

good luck

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