Synthetic K2 (MK4) vs. "natural" K2 (MK7) ?

Answered on July 24, 2014
Created July 24, 2014 at 11:02 AM

It sounds like the K2 (MK4) is synthetic whereas the K (MK7) is sourced from fermented soy (natto).

I want to take a K2 supplement.

Which is best, and why?

Sadly, I don't eat leafy greens so I do think I also need a K1 supplement. I haven't begun to research that yet.

The Life Extension brand K2 complex which has K1, MK4 & MK7 I believe is based on this technology:


I called and asked if it was based on tobacco like mk4's are, and they said no. They specifically mentioned geraniol .



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on July 24, 2014
at 08:45 PM

There seems to be such a split of opinion on MK4 vs. MK7, and dosage is all over the place too. I have no clue. I found a good source of MK7 from natto, and since natto is one of the rare soy products that is considered acceptable in most real food circles, I'm OK with taking this supplement. I take 100 to 300 mg, don't notice any side effects or benefits, but I'm hopeful it will help things I don't necessarily see or feel-- my calcium balance to keep bones strong and arteries clear. Wish I had some real data on whether it really works or not--I'm generally not much of a blind faith person. I believe K2 is beneficial, whether the supplement I'm taking is or not is the question.



on July 24, 2014
at 02:22 PM

Sadly, without leafy greens your diet is inferior, not just in K1 but certainly magnesium, and possibly folate, carotenoids, calcium, various phytochemicals like zeaxanthin, and vitamin C. MK4 may have clinical evidence, but MK7 has a lot of epidemiological evidence from Northern Japan. Surely MK4 is more biologically active, but natto provides very large doses of K2.



on July 24, 2014
at 01:37 PM

MK4 is what humans make from MK1, that's the active form. MK7 advocates say point to its longer serum lifetime, not sure that's a valid point. MK4 has the positive hits in the research, MK7 is lacking in that regard.

I take MK4 occasionally (weekly-ish), it's a massive 5 mg dose (6000+% DV). I get more than enough K1 from my diet (average 200+% daily).

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