What do you think about juice fasting?

Asked on October 22, 2010
Created October 22, 2010 at 12:36 PM

I just read an interesting interview on the Nutrition & Physical Regeneration blog, where Dr Richard Schultze discusses his experience with juice fasting and its ability to allow the body to heal. He cites some pretty amazing successes.

Now, I have my own opinions about where the benefits are coming from (I also practice fasting regularly, without juice, and find that even a 24 hour fast soothes my digestion; I know the importance of enzymes; etc), but I'd love to know what other paleos think, given that the idea of using herbs and fruit is quite a traditional practice, although consumption of just the juice without the pulp isn't something I've heard of very often in this context. I'm also learning a lot about medicinal uses of herbs at the moment, and some of that information aligns itself with what Dr. Schultze reports.

One of the other ponderings currently running through my brain is whether juices would be an effective replacement for glucose IVs etc during hospital visits (assuming the visit isn't going to impact the efficacy of the digestive system). The idea of a glucose IV makes me a little nauseated, given that when I recently had some 75% dark chocolate, I felt really ill afterward, whereas 85% doesn't bother me. I suspect juices might be quite high in sugar and have a similar impact, but perhaps not as extreme as a glucose drip, but I really don't know the impact of IV drips on blood glucose and insulin. What do you think?

Even if raw vegetarianism isn't the only/ideal way of living healthfully, do you think juice fasts could be helpful to paleos in certain circumstances?

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