Crepitus - Joint popping/cracking/clicking

Commented on March 09, 2013
Created March 09, 2013 at 4:23 PM

Been Paleo for 9 months now, recently stepped up my compliance and added in vit C + a B complex.

But for the last 3 months I've suddenly had lots of joint popping, my knees, ankles and wrists constantly pop, i can't move without making noise!

I've also got a bit of a spaced out feeling most the time, particularly in the last 3 months.

To further complicate matters, I recently started going to the gym and walking a whole lot, but this doesn't fit in perfectly with the start of my problems.

On the upside, my IBS-D is near non-existent, my fatigue is completely gone and depression/anxiety nailed.

Does anyone know what could be causing my joint clicking and spaciness? I have no pain, but it just seems odd that it occurred shortly after all my other problems got fixed?

Edit: Oh, my other other symptom is lots of strange little red spots on my legs, never had them before, turned up about 3 months ago too. Don't itch, seem harmless.



on March 09, 2013
at 06:38 PM

Hi Dave, what was your previous diet and what did you swtich to? Did you avoid nightshades? For me, eating 8 weeks without any dairy, nightshades and gluten did the trick. But I did eat a lot of rice, two meals a day. When omitting rice, this caused a permanent feeling of impending doom, which let me to abandoning a healthy diet for three monts in favor of eating all the crap I wanted. My joint pain, depression and anxiety returned. (I suspect blood usgar issues or not enough energy intake)



on March 09, 2013
at 06:21 PM

Also, because of changing energy in your body - as you wrote, your depression faded - the tension in your limbs (or other body parts may change), which in turn may influence flexibility and spaciness. You could do some yoga moves to explore this new flexibility. I know this helped me to find new limits (as I was able to stretch way more, reach higher, etc)



on March 09, 2013
at 06:20 PM

Hi Maarten, that's my theory too, I've been depressed and anxious for 15 years, had CFS and terrible problems with backache and insomnia. But now! All gone. I can only assume my joints have been inflamed and now inflammation has cooled off, I'm left with some ill-fitting/damaged joints.



on March 09, 2013
at 06:09 PM

Did you consume nightshades previously? I experience something similar and I'd also like to know what the clicking means. I'd figured there's more space in the cartilage / joints or something. Avoidance of certain foods may mean less inflammation in those spaces and more flexibility. But this is just my laypeople thoery based on nothing.

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