Crepitus & ankle pain

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created July 06, 2011 at 5:41 AM

I've never experienced crepitus since going paleo. I've also been experiencing persistant pain in my ankles for the past week. Is it possible that since my inflamation & water retention have gone down that there is added strain on my joints? I am carrying 100 extra pounds and have been paleo for 10 weeks. I also have mixed convective tissue disease (autoimmune).

I don't feel inflamed in any other places that typically give me trouble. Is my hypothesis probable? What would be an effective way of treating this?

Thanks in advance!

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on January 16, 2013
at 06:31 AM

The person who said crepitus was air under the skin is not entirely wrong. Crepitus can refer to either that or the sound of grinding broken bone and cartilage. Neither one is a good sign.

Joint crepitus something worth worrying about. It means that something is not right in there and while it may heal on it's own it will heal faster and better with medical attention.

Crepitus is the sound or sensation of grating, crackling or popping in the knee joint, ankle, spine, or other joint. Some people have joints that naturally crack or pop. For them, this is normal. Otjoint Painher people don't experience this until they have an injury or other problem causing.Ankle joint pain & other inflammations can be caused by an irregularity of the joint surface or excess fluid in the joint.

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