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Asked on March 28, 2014
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I just never took advantage in never used it because I was so afraid to admitting that I was morbidly obese keyboard ironic that you want thank you I'm excited because I know all the incredible work to my team is put into the renovation is home now is the moment where he's going to open up those doors and see that his is home as he knows it is no longer the same home why I welcome all 0 I walked in the door I was blown away because the room that we had that belong to me guests mom you know turn into four-time champ for me now take a look upon the law ha-ha thesis from your family your friends your loved ones so when you're doing ever forget what you GCXS Diet doing this for them Stallone you mark the beginning of my life but this journey makes the beginning of our life together her love you forever over c.net quote just tests got me the biggest goose pond he's feel loved he just feel by you know why basis it was an amazing thank you guys for this is amazing well now got everything it that we need eyestalk about 11 ago let's do it I S you got to sleep lasting I mean you're coming down from almost 500 pounds it's on the first three months my original goal for you CBR 125 pounds cool that's a lotto yeah that is a lot like question I was like okay I was expecting 100 105 maybe 110 when he put 125 on that board powers like is Gaby G ok well 434 right.


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