Organic Japanese Sweet Potato doesn't grow. Is it really organic?

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created April 23, 2012 at 2:42 PM

After watching the bud nip video ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=exBEFCiWyW0 ), I decided to try for myself the experiment. I bought various varieties of sweet potatoes and potatoes and put them in a glass of water and waited to see if they sprouted. The non-organic potato and sweet potato produced roots, but no green shoots. All the organic sweet potatoes and potatoes produced green shoots, except for two organic japanese sweet potatoes. One I purchased from a local health food store. The other, the one I have pictured, I purchased from Whole Foods. I bought it on March 24 and took the picture today (April 23). http://i.imgur.com/Ml7Xn.jpg Based on the fact that it didn't produce green shoots, I doubt that it is organic. What do you think?



on May 08, 2012
at 01:11 AM

i think it takes 2 months for them to sprout. i was looking up how to grow them myself and found that you start by buying them in march to plant in may.



on April 24, 2012
at 01:09 AM

I am looking to grow some of those this year. Hope it doesn't fail, because I eat a ton of those.

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6 Answers



on April 23, 2012
at 09:48 PM

Might be the wrong season, humidity, temp for it to sprout. I'd say inconclusive.



on April 23, 2012
at 04:00 PM

It might just take longer to produce shoots...


on May 07, 2012
at 10:28 PM

I've read that the purple fleshed hawaiian sweet potatoes are irradiated before being shipped out, so they don't sprout. Maybe that's what's happened to your japanese potatoes? I would ask the store owners about that.


on June 25, 2012
at 04:45 AM

hello all of my freind i am majid Niknezhad from iran . i produce sweetpotato in my country and almost all of japanses and also other friengn in iran buying sweet popato and sataimo and Gobo and nagaimo and rice (koshihikarai )........ from me. around 12 year untill now i try to produce under organic farming method and that is some times too difficult but at least i try to produce saftey and (good agricultural ) . please if my freind have some data that how we can reduce chemical in vegetable and paddy frield please send e-mail to me thank you ( organic.farming.iran@gmail.com )


on April 24, 2012
at 04:30 AM

I live in Hawaii, and they grow great here. Usually once they start to sprout just a little, I'll throw them under some dirt, and before you know it, they have really taken off. Not sure where you live, but possibly they need a humid, warm climate? Not sure, but they are one of the easiest thing I've grown in my garden. Good luck!


on April 24, 2012
at 01:28 AM

I tried the same thing buying from an Asian market and had the same results.

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