No Grassfed Butter in Japan: What do I do?

Answered on April 05, 2015
Created September 04, 2014 at 11:49 AM

I can't find locally produced grassfed butter where I live in Tokyo. The only alternative is to pay $20 for a measily 200g of Echire butter from France. I've talked with Japanese milk producers. The cows here eat a combination of feed and grass. I drink the highest quailiy milk here pretty regularly and I haven't experienced any problems. I would say that milk is of much better quality than what is found in the standard American gallon. I know they don't constantly milk the poor beasts non-stop, 24/7. They give them proper treatment and use no anti-biotics or hormones. Likewise the butter seems to be alright. It tastes good at least. If I can't afford to drop $100 on butter every month, would it be alright to consume high quality partially grainfed butter? I was thinking of going with fermented butter to promote GI fauna. I can't important any ghee or anything like that from other countries, either.

I can get MCT and Coconut oil no problem, though. I cook more with grassfed beef tallow imported from Australia to raise the healty fat content of my meals. I've also taken to eating more animal fat with meat in things like sausage, pork belly and grass fed beef/lamb.


Any suggestions on how to approach the diet here?


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3 Answers



on September 04, 2014
at 12:17 PM

Grassfed butter is certainly not a requirement.

In fact, it's a pretty lousy way to raise dairy cows. Of course, pasture should be provided, but additional grain is not detreimental and is actaully good for a cow that is expending 1000s of calories a day to make gallons of milk, akin to you running a marathon everyday on a diet of nothing but spinach salad! Not possible, so you end up running 5Ks instead. Same thing with a lactating cow. 


on April 05, 2015
at 01:38 PM

I've been looking for grassfed butter myself in Tokyo and can't find it. There's also a nation-wide butter shortage going on that could have something to do with it. There is an Indian grocery store called Spice Home that sells ghee. Across from Grand Hyatt.??

3-2-16 Nishi-Azabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo



on September 05, 2014
at 10:32 AM

You can get around that:  Get K2 from natto or supplements.  Consume good quality fats from where you can get them: coconut oil, avocado, animals.  Get plenty of sunshine, or supplement with D3.  Make your own ghee out of normal butter.  Get the best eggs you can and consume the yolks.  Eat liver.



on March 19, 2015
at 09:00 AM

I can't put natto in my Bulletproof coffee though!

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