On Autoimmune Protocol to find out whats itching my scalp

Answered on November 20, 2015
Created November 07, 2015 at 9:31 AM

Bom Dia!

Some days ago I started the Autoimmune Protocol to find out, what maybe is itching my scalp so heavy.
One day after avoiding all the food, the itching became much better, close to zero.
It hold two days.
Yesterday I added an can of coconut milk to my dinner and also eat leak, onions and garlic - there are some sites that also avoid that foods while the Autoimmune Protocol time.

This morning my scalp started itching again and alot of dandruff released.

I also realized, that the itching it worst in the morning and the evening.

Any idea what that could be?
Its realy anoying and when I take a bath in the ocean I can realy feel that my scalp is burning/irritated.

Thx alot!

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4 Answers



on November 11, 2015
at 08:20 AM

It seems to me you're FODMAP intolerant, given your onion/garlic/leek problem. Most people these days that enter the Autoimmune protocol, they also follow a low fodmap diet in parallel for a few weeks, and then they slowly reintroduce these foods, until they reach normal Paleo.



on November 11, 2015
at 09:13 AM

right, thats what I am doing.
Avoiding the foods they recommend here and on some other Websites and in some weeks, putting them back in my diet. :)

Will check FODMAP, never heard about that. Thx.



on November 09, 2015
at 04:13 AM

Oi Santos, tudo bem? There are a number of vegetable foods that induce dandruff, at least for me. You will have to go by trial and error and attempt an elimination diet. In my case, dandruff is associated with wheat, other grains such as rye (but not rice), nuts and some vegetables which I have not yet positively identified yet. I suspect potatoes in large amounts, peppers and onions/garlic. I do spend long periods of time without dandruff because I usually eat other vegetables, and rice instead of these. Wheat is the worst for me.



on November 11, 2015
at 09:10 AM

ola! sim, e voce? :)

yea, I am just eliminate the foods they recommend at the autoimmune protocol and in some weeks, I all slowly one by one back in my diet.

But so far there was a very direct reaction to onions/garlic/leek, at least it was changing the itching between one night enormusly!

I also stopped coffee for cross reaction reasons and wheat is already 6 month out of my diet. 



on November 11, 2015
at 08:40 PM

tudo, obrigado. Then you have an intolerance for allium and you should avoid it. It is a fairly toxic genus, which includes a number of poisonous plants. I grow all my garlic outside the deer fence because the deer will not touch it. And deer eat absolutely everything.


on November 20, 2015
at 06:08 PM

hey :)

have to answer myself again.
I had a relapse into some old habbits - some kinda super stupid, but it again showed me, that the "normal" diet in europa/portugal seems to realy make, at least me, sick!

I ate some cake and coffee and also had pizza.
More or less i was back on my old diet for some days now.

Funny (and bad) thing is, that I react on it only 2 days later.
My skin now is super worse, hehhe - itching like month ago the last time.
Specialy on the chin and below my sideboards it HELL!

Also waking up in the morning was like I was drunken the evening before - the last time I drank alcohol and had that feeling in the morning is years ago!!!

So my body realy does not like that "normal" food anymore and I have a good reason to test myself on what I react.

Its amazing that my body feelings is sucking in only some days of eating that crap again.

Happy to know there are better ways of eating and enjoing life! :)


on November 08, 2015
at 09:42 PM

I stopped onions/garlic/leek again and it seems to work?!
Is there some kinda cross reaktion with that kinda veggies?
Actually thats realy bad, I love those veggies...

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