Holiday at my families place, scalp starts paining

Asked on September 10, 2015
Created September 10, 2015 at 7:02 PM

Hey there,

I am quite strict on some kinda paleo since about 5 month.

Means, I avoid any sugar beside some carbs and very few fruits.
No diary at all beside butter.No grains.
And absolutly no procesed food.

My overall feeling is realy good.

Now I am at home. I live in Portgual and visit my family in germany. The first thing I did was taking a shower and used some shampoo - since maybe 5 month the first time...!
I also ate some creme in a sauce because they did not tell me although I asked... ^^
And I guess, they used sugar, too. Somehow they dont take me serious.
Yesterday I made a mistake and ate some fast food stuff because here at the place in germany they have only god damn shops with junk food... amazing. I am missing portugal ant its markets and fresh fish, thought about leaving early already :D But the situation made me so depressed that I could not find any good food anymore, crazy.

Anyway - my skin feels somehow strange and my scalp is itching imeaditly... Can that be realy in that short time?
Is it the water, the shampo or what ever? I am shedding amazingly hairs suddenly, its realy strange.

Today I went to the next bigger city to get good food and payed half oh my month money to get food for some days. And next week I am going back to portugal - at least its just for a short time.

Anybody had similar experiance when hitting "bad food"?



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