How much iodine do kelp granules (Laminaria Digitata) really have, and how much do I need?

Answered on September 05, 2013
Created September 05, 2013 at 11:02 AM

After finding out that my worsening sebaceous cysts are probably caused by an Iodine deficiency I have began to supplement.

I am currently putting kelp granules (Laminaria Digitata) onto all my food, as well as taking a 250mcg Potasium Iodine tablet daily.

Are the kelp granules alone enough because I would prefer not to have to take pills.

I heard a quarter teaspoon of kelp granules has 250mcg of iodine but this sounds a bit suspect.

In the below thread someone suggested that the Perfect Health Diet site advises not to take kelp granules due to toxins. Is this true?

Link: http://paleohacks.com/questions/117068/potassium-iodide-vs-kelp-for-iodine-which-is-better-and-why#axzz2e0voBjNE


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on September 05, 2013
at 11:07 AM

Not sure about toxins in the kelp granules, but i'd make sure to supplement with a yeast based form of selenium for at least a few weeks before hand(250mcg). As supplementing with potassium idiode has caused quite a few people some issues, and selenium has a protective affect. I wouldn't be supplementing with any more than 1gram btw and if i did supplement i'd try potassium iodide and see if you feel any hypothyroid/hyper symptoms.

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