Sudden food intolerances

Answered on November 08, 2016
Created October 18, 2016 at 1:16 PM

Since going paleo 5 yrs ago, Ive developped an overwhelming amount of issues with most foods, nuts, incl all coconut products and coconut oil, cocoa, avocado,  eggs, most if not all fruit even bananas,  dates, figs, sweet potatoe, lettuce, all forms of dairy (small cheats) , onions, garlic...

I used to have minor reactions to some things pre-paleo, but nothing like what i experienxe now. Symtoms range depending on the foods,   painful gas / constipation (sorry tmi, but Ive have episodes lastas long as 2 months before i figures out veggies/fruit, basically fodmaps were giving me gas) , but i also have issues with low fodmap, low carb foods, and the list of symptoms is long; sinus issues, joint pains, cystic acne, depression, sudden bouts of extreme fatigue, wheezing, irritability and anger outbursts.

It almost seems like everything i eat, except some meat is an issue. Has anyone experienced this? I'm womdering if my gut is very compromised,  but I take enzymes and probiotics, or if Ive unintentionally sensitized my system, similar to how a newborn baby's might be where you have to give them extrmely small portions to introduce new foods so their bodies learn how to digest them.





on October 21, 2016
at 02:42 PM

Thank you rawdog, I will work with those recommendations

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on October 21, 2016
at 02:57 PM

I've has similar problems with a few foods. Listen to what raydawg says, its oretty much what ive been doing and i feel better. Also, you might be too low carb. I noticed various improvements when adding more tubers etc. Also fibre! (but make sure you cook most of your veggies, we evolved eating cooked foods!)



on October 21, 2016
at 02:32 PM

Yeah, this is somewhat common. Most likely you have leaky gut (if you talk to a doctor about it say "Intestinal Permeability" not leaky gut.) This allows large undigested proteins to enter the blood stream, and your immune system them turns around and tags these as invaders causing all sorts of allergies to foods you shouldn't have issues with. If it goes on for a very long time, it can turn into various very dangerous autoimmune diseases. The painful gas / constipation aren't symptoms of leaky gut, they're more symptoms of IBD/SIBO/SIFO, etc. which indicate issues with gut flora - this is known as dysbiosis. You'll first need to close the tight junctions in your gut - to do this, stick to the foods that don't give you any reaction for a while. On top of that consume 5g-10g/day of L-Glutamine in powder form - don't buy it as pills because you'll need a lot. Get yourself lots of bones from organic, pastured/grassfed animals if possible. Make bone broth. Drink it daily. Simplest way to do that is to buy a large crock pot / slow cooker. Put all the bones in the pot with a tablespoon or two of salt, and a few tablespoons of apple cider vinegar. The salt is for flavor, the acid in the vinegar helps break down the bones a bit more. I usually make a roast chicken or two each month, and then debone it after it's cooked and save all the bones in a freezer bag until it's full, then once full, I make a large crockpot of bone broth, and I put this in cup sized containers in the freezer, then consume a cup of broth every 1-2 days. Works fine with beef bones too, and really great with pig's feet. There's other supplements than can help, but mostly for other issues such as reflux, etc. i.e DGL (or licorice if you don't have issues with high blood pressure.) but they're mostly secondary. Part of the problem with going very low carb is that a few species of gut flora thrive on mucus production and our guts require carbs to produce mucus to keep the intestinal barrier coated and closed. When that flora doesn't have mucus to eat, it sometimes causes damage to the gut barrier and that will be a big problem. So, staying very low carb for long periods of time is a very bad idea. It's fine to do cyclical ketosis as long as you ingest enough fiber from greens/veggies (or supplemental fiber such as inulin, acacia, green banana/plantain, psylium husk, glucommannan) to feed your bacteria, but if you don't, you'll lose many of the beneficial species that prevent food reactions such as Bifido Longum. So after you've had glutamine and bone broth for a while try to introduce Bifido Longum via supplements as it will help you tolerate loads of other foods that you're reacting to now. This supplement can help: https://www.amazon.com/Renew-Life-Ultimate-Probiotic-formerly/dp/B003BVL05O/ but you'll need to feed them. I use Dr. Grace Liu's Bionic Fiber stuff which is a tablespoon each of green banana (or plantain) flour, inulin, acacia senegal powder and super greens (though I've reacted to supergreens and have stopped using it.) see: https://thegutinstitute.com/2015/07/step-4-eat-bionic-fiber-and-burn-body-fat.html


on November 08, 2016
at 01:52 PM

Simple answer as opposed to raydawg's answer: take a collagen supplement.


on October 20, 2016
at 10:35 PM

 Honestly I think that you should see a doctor. I've been on the paleo diet for quite some time too, and I haven't experienced any of what you're writing. I have been following a very basic paleo guide I got recommended by a coworker, and idk if it differs a whole lot from what you're doing, but nonetheless I suggest you talk to a doctor about your problems. Best of luck! 

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