Will this stop me from going in ketosis

Commented on October 07, 2015
Created October 06, 2015 at 6:00 PM

Im 5ft8 112 full glyocgen im 117 if this matters will doing bullet proof coffee ( I use 4tbsp of halff and half2carbs 1tbsp grassfed butter and tbsp coconut oilat 9am). 12pm I eat 3 servings brocolli 12carbs with olive oil. 5 eggs with 1 tbsp coconutoil cooked in. Will this stop me from being in keto having 10 to 18 carbs in a meal? And is a gallon a day to much for my weight im always thirsty.

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on October 07, 2015
at 12:20 PM

You're underweight already. It sounds like you have an eating disorder, bordering on anorexia.

You don't need to lose more weight. Please see an MD.


on October 07, 2015
at 02:54 PM

I actually have a high metabolism hence why im underweight my familys bmi is 18 to 19. I 2600 calories on keto.  



on October 07, 2015
at 10:37 AM

Kind of hard to read what you wrote.  5ft8 I understand, not sure what "112 full glyocgen im 117" means.

Did you mean you're 112 lbs?  Not sure what the 117 means either.

Half and Half is half cream and half milk, so that's not the right thing for bullet proof coffee.  You need to use actual butter and actual MCT oil or coconut milk without any half and half. 

The recipe is 2 cups hot coffee, 2 tablespoons butter, 2 tablespoons MCT oil blended in a blender, although you probably want to start with far less MCT oil and butter at first, and build your way up, or you'll wind up with "disaster pants."

3 Servings of Broccoli with olive oil is not a good meal.  You'll want other vegetables, including lots of leafy greens, and some meat as well.  You should aim for 3 palm sized portions of meat daily.  No, a bunch of broccoli will not stop you from getting into ketosis.  If you're eating the broccoli and 5 eggs together, that's fine, but be sure you're getting plenty of protein at your other meals, preferrably from grassfed grazing animals.  Otherwise, you're fine for a ketogenic diet.

Ketosis takes a lot of time to get into.  A single day or two won't do the trick.  Maybe a week or two you'll be keto-adapted, and then you'll start entering ketosis.  You can get ketosticks, blood ketone test, or a Ketonix device to measure your ketone levels, but the easist thing is once you get "keto breath" - that is your breath will reek of acetone, you're almost there, then soon after the keto breath will go away, which means that you're still making ketones, but you're actually using them.


If you're drinking a gallon a day and you're 5'8" and 117lbs, and you're still thirsty, then something is very wrong.  You're either not getting enough salt in your diet (going into ketosis means you need to use some sea salt and ensure you're getting other minerals either through food or supplementation, i.e. zinc, potassium, iodine, magnesium), or you've got the early stages of pre-diabetes (in which case, switching to a ketogenic diet is very helpful.) 

I'd invest in a glucometer to test your blood sugar.  You can get an inexpensive (but not super acurate) one like this: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00P1KCFAC and check your blood sugar early morning before you eat anything.  If it's over 200, you're in trouble (Normal is 80-90), or it may be you've got the morning effect.  Then you'd want to eat something, maybe a high carb meal along with some protein, and test every half hour for the next 2 hours.  You'll want to see it spike up, it's ok if it goes to 200 now, but you're looking for when it drops back down to 80-90.  If it stays high, you've got high blood sugar and have to get it treated.

Note that once you're in ketosis, your body will go into a physiological form of insulin resistance.  This is different from diabetes, in that once you start eating normal levels of carbs, it will go away.  This is an evolutionary process that reserves the glycogen generated by neoglucogenesis for your long nerve cells, red blood cells, and parts of the brain that can't use ketones to run on.  This simply prevents your muscle cells from using glycogen.


on October 07, 2015
at 02:55 PM

Should I see a dr about type 1 diabetes? I have family history

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