What's your postprandial heart rate / hrv vs resting? Does it vary with meal size / glycemic index?

Commented on October 27, 2014
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I found this article interesting:

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My resting rate is usually in the low 50's -- around 51bpm on a good day and closer to 56bpm on an average day (I'm 30.)  I usually skip breakfast.  Today, I was busy at lunchtime and ended up doing ~24hrs fasted until dinner.  After eating a big dinner, my heart rate is in the low 70's for around a 30% increase in rate above baseline.  Playing with a "Stress Check" app on my phone by Azumio, I usually rate a 1% or 2%, though right now I'm at 38%.

Reading more into meal frequency / size, these articles came up:

[can't-post-link (2)]

[can't-post-link (3)]

I like the convenience of eating a big meal (I do need the calories), though I'm wondering if I should eat smaller / more frequent meals for the health aspects of it, or if I've got nothing to worry about and I'm just seeing digestive activity.  (Or, possibly, I'm seeing the result of some food I ate with dinner?)

I haven't had many carbs today, but I did have some white rice with this otherwise high fat / moderate protein 2,000 kcal or so meal.  Has anyone else played with tracking their heart rate variability and rate around meals to further optimize their diet?



on October 27, 2014
at 03:05 AM


1. bulletproofexec[dot]com/find-your-kryptonite-with-the-free-bulletproof-food-sense-iphone-app

2. ncbi.nlm.nih[dot]gov/pubmed/24844871

3. berkeleywellness[dot]com/healthy-eating/diet-weight-loss/article/beware-splurge-meals

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