Water fast Vs Intermittent fast Vs Calorie cutting - whats the difference biologically?

Asked on May 15, 2017
Created January 13, 2017 at 10:26 AM

I've been reading a lot about fasting but I'm still trying to understand the science behind it.  I have a number of questions about the differences between these diets and how they work.  It would be great if someone could clear up my misunderstandings! 

I was reading a book about fasting which discussed how much better for you fasting is for weight loss than calorie cutting - becuase of the hormonal changes involved and the result is that you are less likely to regain weight aftewards and shift your set point upwards.  

But the 5:2 allows the person to have 500 calories a day, so isn't that just extreme calorie cutting rather than fasting, or is the amount of calories here really important?  Also I read that it can take 36 - 48 hours to reach ketosis in order for your body to go into fat burning mode - on a water fast you would get here after a couple of days, but on an IF you would never get here because you'd go back into re-feed.  Also on 5:2 500 cals counts as a fast day, then you could do a 500 cal fast for n days, like a water fast, so 500 cals for 10 days.  Would that have the same benefits of fasting, or is that just extreme calorie cutting?

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