Trouble getting to sleep after a day of fasting: normal or an indication that I shouldn´t fast (yet)?

Commented on April 08, 2015
Created April 08, 2015 at 1:46 PM

I have done one 16 hour fast and 1 20 hour fast during the recent month. All went surprisingly well both times, no hunger, it was a pleasurable experience actually, better mood, and so on. However, when it was time to sleep (I had broken my fast for about 4 hours by then and had eaten several meals) I had trouble going to sleep, the way one can have trouble going to sleep when being both tired and hyper at the same time. I basically had trouble winding down, which I dont usually have, most days I drift off into sleep fairly instantly. So I started to suspect maybe I shouldnt do fasting for some more time since it might be an indication that something is wrong with my adrenals (I have had some such issues in the past, nothing severe though) or similar?

Hard to say if this is normal or an indication that I should stay off fasting for some time more? Would be nice to hear someone knowledgable on IF and fasting in general in regards to this issue: should I worry or not? If not, should I continue to fast (I was aiming for 18-24 hours 1-4 times per month or so..)?

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on April 08, 2015
at 07:43 PM

This is common when fasting.?? Either increase your carb intake at night (don't do both VLC and fasting together) or cut out caffeine.?? This is because cortisol is used to signal gluconeogenesis to keep your blood sugar up so your long nerve cells and red blood cells can function.


Generally negative side effects show up when fasting beyond 15-16 hours.


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on April 08, 2015
at 08:08 PM

Hm. I am not Low carb, I am more like moderate carb, eating 100-200g of carbs a day (Im paleo though, so no grain, etc). And I am not drinking caffeine since a couple of months now. I figured it was something to do with my glucose. Common, you say. But is it common as in common and no problem or does it indicate some issue I need to fix (the two you suggested are not any issues for me)?

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