Raynauds, paleo, leangains and cold thermogenesis?

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created March 23, 2013 at 10:02 PM

Been paleo for years now. Aside from dairy ( which I have dropped completely several months ago) I am 99.9% strict. Probiotics, magnesium, intermittent fasting every day. I sit at 6-7% body fat. I cold adapted myself when Jack Kruse came out with thermogenesis. Though, I haven't been ice-bathing in several months, I haven't taken anything other than a cold shower in almost 18 months. The issue is, somehow a few months ago, ( I was doing less carb ups during winter) I managed to develop Raynauds. I have tried magnesium, carbs ups etc, but can't seem to shake it. Ideas?



on March 24, 2013
at 02:53 AM

EMF 7 addresses the Raynauds issue directly......Raynauds is an EMF phenomena that remains in the paleo blindspot. http://www.jackkruse.com/emf-7-quantum-prometheus/



on March 24, 2013
at 01:24 AM

Put on some fat man.

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on March 23, 2013
at 10:16 PM

So you walk around in what would be a bodybuilder's contest shape? Maybe start eating (including the dreaded carbs) and get to a healthy bodyfat level?

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on March 23, 2013
at 10:48 PM

Raynaud's is pretty common. Up to a half of all diabetics have it. But when combined with an autoimmune disease, it can become more serious. Are you sure you have Raynaud's, not cold hands and feet symptomatic of being hypothyroid?

If you are not, you should first check your hypothyroid status by testing Ft3, TSH, and hypothyroid antibodies. Second, do I have an autoimmune condition (other than Hashimoto's)? Check by testing ANA. If you do have Raynaud's and it's secondary, then it can become more tricky and portend things to come. In most cases, though, it's just primary ... an annoyance.

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