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Answered on October 07, 2013
Created August 19, 2013 at 11:47 AM

Hello everyone,

I am just starting to incorporate intermittent fasting into my life. So far I have done two 24 hour fasts and felt fine! I had increased energy and way less cravings than I thought I would. I am just wondering how many times I should fast in a week? There is a lot of information on different fasting techniques so I am a little bit unsure of how long to go and how many times to do it per week. Also on a side note I am curious if any women fast before or during menstruation and if they have noticed any side effects!


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on October 07, 2013
at 08:08 PM

9 out of 10 times I mention IF, I'm told it isn't good for the ladies. It won't kill anyone to try it and see how they do. I've done the 24 hour fasts and it doesn't work well with family life, so I switched to 16/8 and it has been very very good to me. Less eating, no more food when not hungry, no more snacking between meals, more muscle, less weight, food tastes better when I finally get to it. Since I'm the designated chef in the family, I wind up making breakfast but never eating it - stir frys, NG french toast, bacon, etc. I am a happy camper now.



on October 07, 2013
at 07:51 PM

I personally fast on Mondays and Thursdays. That is, from say 22:00 the previous day to about 20:30 on the mentioned day. I find that I have much more energy while fasting than I do normally.

Unfortunately I am addicted to food and most likely cannot live without it.

As well, as I work from 16:00 - 20:00, I am finding that I have no hunger and completely forget about food. Strange.

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on October 07, 2013
at 05:51 PM

You can do a 16 hour fast as often as you're comfortable with it. I personally don't do 24 hour fasting because, in theory, you can get almost all the same benefits with a 16 hour fast and it's safe to do daily.

I just started recently. I kind of went cold turkey on breakfast (always been a big breakfast lover) and stopped eating after about 7pm (give or take an hour)... Wait until lunch time to eat again and you've probably already dipped into ketosis, stimulated autophagy, and reaped all the major benefits of fasting. I do this almost every day. It makes mornings less stressful and leaves me with more energy all day (weird huh?).

On the weekends (usually just Sat OR Sun) I often wake up and prepare a nice, big breakfast with eggs, potatoes, meat, and all kinds of other stuff for the GF and I. Sometimes during the week I start the day with a heavy cream/butter coffee and/or some coconut oil/coconut butter and maybe some macadamia nuts. This way you still have a chance to dip into ketosis and stimulate autophagy without as much hunger. Eating just a bit of coconut oil without the other niceties is the most reliable way to get ketosis with less hunger and it may even be more effective than straight fasting.

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on October 07, 2013
at 05:32 PM

I have just started IF. I am not sure if its for me or not, but I figured with these last few lbs that don't seem to be coming off, I would try something different, I am not sure how it will work with my exercise routine of crossfit, but I am interested to see how this all works. I have heard that sometimes it does have an effect on menstruation, but I have not seen any effects yet on mine own.


on August 19, 2013
at 01:21 PM

I do a 20-24 hour fast once every 7-10 days. But that is me personally. On average, 3 days per week I eat twice, and about 3 days per week I eat three times, I never snack.

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