Macros good. IF daily. Lifting heavy. Light cardio. Good Sleep. Cals good. No weight or bf loss in 6 weeks. Help!

Commented on March 06, 2016
Created March 03, 2016 at 12:28 AM

Here's me: 

38 yr old male.  5'11'' 220 lbs. 23% BF. 

Been tracking diet for 6 weeks now (daily averages below): 

P: 29% F: 43% C: 28% Gross Cals: 2059 Net Cals: 1759  TDEE: 2100


Lifting heavy 3 x week Benchpress / Front Squats / Deadlift

Not great, but not terrible: BPress 3x225. FSquat 3x200. DLift 3x295

Also do one, maybe two support lifts (low weight, high volume) and light cardio on rest days (30 min 3X week).

  • Sleep is good. 
  • Workout mornings (fasted) until lunch around 12:30pm (fast 15-16 hours daily on average). 
  • Sedentary job. Low-moderate stress. 
  • Drink wine mostly: 1-2 glasses/night. The occasional beer. Maybe a few more than that on weekends. Try to spend weekends out n about - walking, etc...
  • 80% Paleo - No breads. No processed food. Minimal legumes. Carbs are usually from rice / sweet potatoes and the aforementioned beer. 


  • The first four weeks I went high protein (150-175g/day) + low carb (75-100g/day) and saw no results. 
  • I loosened it up a bit: kept it high fat, but lowered protein and upped carbs a bit. Mostly for convenience/ lifestyle.
  • Lowered cals for adjusted TDEE. 
  • Also switched from low-volume heavy pyramid lifting to volume training (10x10 @ 60% 1RM)
  • Lactose intolerant - no whey protein supplementation. 

Ancient History: 

  • Two years ago I was at my ideal: 15% BF / 200lbs. Doing Crossfit 3x/week. Active. Not having to stress about calories or exercise or any of that stuff. Just in a nice happy maintenance place. 
  • Then, I herniated a disc in my back - lifting too heavy and everything went south. Everything hurt - exercise was a challenge. Work was crazy and it all spiralled - drinking more, eating more. I was able to jog and do yoga after about a year. Then a career change and a move across country and before I knew it, I had gained twenty pounds in two years.  
  • To my surprise, I didn't lose that much strength once I was in a place where I could get to a gym and it feels good to finally get back to heavy(ish) weights.
  • Now, I want to lose at least ten pounds. Getting to 200 would be great, but I'd take 210 gladly. 

My Question(s): 

  • This intermittent fasting + Crossfit 3x/week + Light cardio + regimen worked great for me before and I remember seeing results much quicker (lost ten pounds in 2 months) 17% - 12% bodyfat. 
  • Not sure I can go much lower on calories. Could maybe maintain 1500/day during the week then a refeed on the weekends - but would rather not.  
  • I was much lower carb before- but read (on this site) and applied my 23andMe results to this: 
    • http://rockstarresearch.com/these-5-genes-predict-what-kind-of-diet-and-exercise-is-best-for-your-body-2/
    • I'm low-fat, not low-carb for weight loss (according to the above). 
  • Been patient and enjoy tracking and testing new things and routines. But after 6 weeks with no progress other than some modest strength gains - what should I adjust? Is it as simple as getting more cardio - running a bigger deficit? 
  • Also, I'm not doing much in the way of HIIT. Wanted to take it slow with the strength stuff and then push into more intense workouts. 

Anyway - feeling frustrated and losing motivation -any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. 





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on March 03, 2016
at 01:45 PM

Get a bike and start putting in as many miles a day as you can. Outdoors is better than stationary. Don't push too hard. It's not so much cardio as it is long duration relatively low intensity burn.




on March 03, 2016
at 03:00 PM

Great advice. Thank you!



on March 03, 2016
at 03:11 PM

Also - saw your answer to this post here: 

thhq 10511 · June 12, 2014 at 2:31 PM 

I wasn't using 100 calorie per day deficits raydawg. I was using 1000 calorie per day deficits. Every day for 6 months. I lost an average of 2 lbs a week of real weight, which for me was confirmation that the 3500 cal/lb is approximately correct. At the beginning the deficits came from food reduction, by the end it was all exercise. I agree that small deficits are rarely successful. Counting is not accurate enough and people lose patience. But on 1000 deficits it works.


Were you running the 1,000 cal deficit from your BMR - or the total amount you ate for the day? 

For example: my BMR is approx 1950. 

Should I be eating 1950 cals / day and burning 1000 to net out at 950? 


Were you eating 3,000 cals a day (for example) burning 1,000 and netting out at 2,000? 

Just trying to figure out what the setpoint is for the deficit to get the 2lbs/week you mention. 


Thanks so much!

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on March 04, 2016
at 01:50 PM

@kurp when I started I was obese at 215 lbs. Not knowing what I was doing at the start I reduced my calories to 1200 per day (about 1000 below my BMR) and promptly started losing weight at a rate of 2 lbs/week. I didn't feel hungry doing this, but was told that I was eating too little, so raised the eating to 1500 cal/day (a minimum recommended for men, but still well below my BMR). This worked until I had lost 25 lbs, but as the weight loss rate was falling  off and becoming irregular, I started walking to increase the burn rate. At about the same time I started eating more, and from that point on gradually increased both eating and walking.

I continued to lose for a total of 6 months until I got to 165 lbs. I gave up there, as losing 50 lbs was a sort of milestone and I was tired of being hungry. I was eating about 2000, but without the need for deficits I upped my eating to 2300-2400 calories per day (about 600 above my current BMR). 9 years on, I still bike and/or walk every day to maintain the loss.

I've gained 5 lbs of it back though. Losing weight like that is pretty extreme  cutting, and while I lost thigh and midsection fat I also lost upper body muscle - chest, shoulders and arms. So I've started some free weight work and allowed some weight regain in order to get some of that muscle back. 

As far as your situation, it's probably a lot like mine was at 190 lbs (I'm 5' 8"). You're not obese and you'll have to get most of your weight loss with exercise. Dietary deficits only work well when your adipose fat cells are loaded and you can eat yourself for lunch. Once that's gone the hunger sets in with a vengeance.



on March 06, 2016
at 03:13 PM

Wow. Thank you for your time answering this. Very helpful.


Eat 2,000. Burn 1,000. Seems easy enough :). 


I'm going to give it a shot for a month. I'll keep you posted.

Thank you again. 

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