Ladies; any luck with Bulletproof Intermittent Fasting?

Answered on April 22, 2014
Created April 19, 2014 at 2:56 PM

I'm on day four of trying out the Bulletproof IF method which is basically "fasting" for 18 hours with the exception of quality coffee, grass fed butter, and MCT Oil (I'm using coconut oil 'til the MCT comes in). Once the 18 hours is up, I eat my usual paleo/primal-friendly foods. The goal is to trick the body into ketosis, and I have done enough forum-searching to find that it's working pretty well...for men. Just like the regular lean gains IF. I have also read BP's article about women and the BP-IF which seem promising, but it almost seems "too good to be true." The regular IF did not work for me, in fact, I felt as if I had gained weight (which I understand is a common issue with women doing IF). Have any of you ladies tried the BP-IF or know a woman who did it? How was it? Thank you! Stats F 26 y 168lbs 5.4"

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on April 22, 2014
at 05:08 PM

I tried it for 2 months, wasn't ever hungry but had very low energy, felt sluggish and my workouts suffered. Near the end of month 2, I also started to feel cold all the time and that is when I stopped the n=1 experiment b/c I was worried about affecting my thyroid. (weight loss was not a goal, just wanted to try it out in order to not have to fix breakfast).


on April 22, 2014
at 03:07 PM

I tried BP-IF it for a bit, and decided that it wasn't 'true' fasting because I was still ingesting a significant amount of calories. It doesn't matter that the calories are from straight fat- they're still calories. I felt sated as I fasted throughout the day, but still 'hungry' in the sense that I wanted to be chewing my calories as opposed to drinking them. I also gained weight while I tested it out, as drinking calories in the form of BP during the day and restricting during a big fasting period made me eat more food within my small eating window. I really missed my big breakfasts in the morning, and since I've gone back to eating within a 10-ish hour window, my weight has stabilized again and I have more energy. I'm also not jittery anymore. BP-IF wasn't for me, but it might be for you! Good luck


on April 20, 2014
at 03:59 AM

I've been trying this for the past week.. It works. Helped me overcome a plateau and i felt more alert than ever. BUT after a couple of days my skin broke out in the most painful , scary way. It must have been the coffee ...

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