Is it OK for a newbie to skip meals?

Answered on March 03, 2016
Created January 19, 2016 at 1:31 AM

I'm 39yo female, 145lbs, just started paleo this month via the whole 30 plan. It's going well -- lots more energy, and I think a bit of weight loss.

The first few days i couldnt stop eating. Now, though, I'm consistently skipping either breakfast or lunch, but mostly breakfast, other than having black coffee. I'm just not hungry til 11 am or later (I get up about 7 am). Today I ate at 1 pm. Before paleo I'd be ravenous by 8:30! Now I bring home food that I've brought to work.

I admit I do sometimes have a snack after dinner around 9-10 pm, usually fruit and nuts or a hemp protein smoothie with spinach and coconut milk (tastes better than it sounds).

I feel like I'm going to mess up my metabolism or hormones or something by doing this. Should I be forcing myself to eat earlier? Or more often? Why is this happening?

Thanks for any help you may have!

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on March 03, 2016
at 07:16 AM

This might help you to start in Paleo! :)

Melissa Joulwan, Meljoulwan

Author of the Paleo/Whole30 cookbooks Well Fed & Well Fed 2

Keep it simple at first.
There are (obviously) tons of wonderful paleo cookbooks out there, but in
the beginning, I recommend you keep it simple. Focus on really great
protein, veggies and fruits you love, and a variety of luscious fats.

I have a friend—let’s call her Shirley—who decided to give paleo a try.
She’s the kind of person who does everything with 100% commitment, so she
researched recipes for her first week. Twenty-one recipes: 3 meals a day
for 7 days. Then she made a massive grocery list to buy all the
ingredients, made an epic grocery store run to multiple stores, put
everything away into her kitchen… and collapsed in the fetal position on
the couch. It was all too overwhelming, and she was very, tearfully,

So keep it simple in the beginning. Make a stir-fry with a sauce made from
coconut aminos, served on cauliflower rice. Grill chicken with a roasted
sweet potato and salad on the side. Cook an omelet stuffed with veggies and
meat. Get your feet under you and relax into the new habits before trying
to turn yourself a paleo gourmet.

Reminder: Even in this world of Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and more, no
one can see your food if you don’t show them, so if you want to eat a can
of tuna, a hard-boiled egg, a tablespoon of almond butter, and an apple for
dinner, go for it. There are no Paleo Police, and no one really cares what
you eat for dinner.




on January 22, 2016
at 05:50 PM

You're naturally doing an Intermittent Fast.  That's usually fine, just don't mix it with calorie restriction and/o Very Low Carb/Zero Carb or in the long term you'll run into trouble.

Some females have problems with IF causing too much cortisol and thus higher stress, but if you have no issue with stress or adrenals, and you keep your stress levels are low, by all means, keep it going, it's an effective way to get rid of excess fat.

Likely, if you don't feel hungry in the morning, it's perfectly fine to not eat.  But, it could also be the caffeine in the coffee acting as an appetite suppressant.

The most important part is to ensure you get enough protein, so that means be certain to get 3 palm sized portions of meat daily so your body has enough to do the necessary daily repairs it needs to do.  Beyond that carbs/fats mainly just act as fuel sources (though ensure you do get enough omega 3's from wild caught fish.)

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