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Answered on August 19, 2014
Created October 14, 2011 at 7:17 PM

I am considering giving IF a try because i feel like i have hit a plateau. my question is when do i fast and when do i eat. i work out in the mornings at 9am or 7.30 depending on the day. Do i break fast before i start working out? or after working out?

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on October 14, 2011
at 07:51 PM

IF is up to you in terms of how you want to implement.

Some people fast for 24 hours once a week, others multiple times per week, others daily.

Personally I do 16/8 daily. Stop eating around 8pm, and have my first meal after 12 the next day. I workout in the morning around 6am so I take 10 grams of BCAA before workout, and then 10 more grams two around 8, 10 more around 10.

I highly recommend http://leangains.com for info on if'ing combined with strength training. This is what I have based my routine on.


on October 18, 2011
at 04:18 PM

I think the 8 hour feeding window is easiest to follow and lean gains is probably your best resource. I would not eat anything before your workout but start the 8 hour feeding window immediately post workout. BCAA's pre workout are optional in my opinion. You could also help break your plateau by keeping protein high but cycling higher carbs on your more active days and higher fat on your more sedentary days. This is another trick from lean gains.



on October 14, 2011
at 08:09 PM

Mark Sisson has wrote a lot about IF. Personally I think you have to experiment and learn what works best for you. I usually eat my dinner after yoga or my workout, then don't eat until dinner the next day, sometimes doing the next day workout while fasted. Mark Sisson answered a question I asked him once about what duration starts to become a detriment. His answer was - longer than a day or so and it is not intermittent, but everyone is different.

Here is the kink to his stuff http://www.marksdailyapple.com/search-results/?cx=004987908667488763946%3Akd-fp2c7jek&cof=FORID%3A11&ie=UTF-8&q=fasting#891


on October 14, 2011
at 07:39 PM

Good timing on the question!

I came across the following site yesterday. Give it a look and I bet it answers any question you might have:


Oh, and you can also use the search function here for lots of great information. It's probably one of the best places you can start for just about any question that remotely might relate to "paleo" eating.

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